Pursuing Fire-Related Lawsuits in Maui

During the devastating Maui fires, Hawaii’s residents are facing unimaginable losses, and they deserve compensation for their suffering. Our Maui fire lawyers are ready to fight for justice on behalf of our clients. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Maui fire lawyers are working to protect victims of the Lahaina wildfires, which destroyed more than 200 homes and killed one person. Lawsuits allege that a downed power line is to blame, although Hawaiian Electric denies this claim and says the fire started in other places.

The County of Maui is filing its own lawsuit against HECO, accusing the utility company of negligence. It claims that HECO knew a high wind warning and fire watch were in effect ahead of the August fires, but it “inexcusably” left its overhead power lines energized for six hours before the blazes began. The County also alleges that HECO neglected maintenance, upgrades, and safety precautions.

Are There Any Unique Challenges in Pursuing Fire-Related Lawsuits in Maui?

These types of lawsuits allege that HECO’s negligence resulted in loss of life, serious injuries, property damage, displacement, and destruction of historic and cultural sites. They also ask for compensation for displaced residents and businesses. These lawsuits are very similar to the ones filed in California against PG&E for sparking deadly wildfires, which caused billions of dollars in damages.

Some of these lawsuits are being brought by large plaintiff law firms, which dispatch representatives to sign up fire victims in the aftermath of disasters like the California wildfires. After the 2017 North Bay fires and Camp Fire in 2018, such firms flooded Sonoma, Napa, and Butte counties with billboards, radio spots, and online ads urging residents to file suit against power supplier PG&E.

sue Hawaiian Electric

However, it’s important to remember that victims can also sue for wrongful death and other damages even if they don’t have documentation of every loss. In fact, this is how many people who lost their homes in the Lahaina blaze were able to win compensation.

Another key thing to keep in mind is that HECO has placed its power lines on both public and private land, some of which was destroyed in the fires. Luckily, a legal principle known as inverse condemnation allows victims to sue for compensation if they can show that HECO behaved like a government entity and claimed their property without paying for it.

For fire victims, it’s critical to have experienced attorneys on their side who know the ins and outs of Hawaiian law, local values, government systems, court rules, insolvency issues, and the people who live here. The team of Maui fire lawyers at Wagner Law Group has this knowledge and experience, and they are prepared to help victims pursue their claims for financial compensation. If you or a loved one has suffered losses in the Lahaina fires, contact our firm for a free case evaluation. We’re committed to representing the rights of our clients with compassion, determination, and skill.