The importance of Ayurvedic compatibility

Everyone hopes to have a suitable partner, with whom to have a good long-lasting relationship and, therefore, to have a happy and harmonious life. One person will do everything possible to make the relationship as long-lasting as possible. Already in adolescence, you can begin to dream of your perfect partner in life. You imagine the most ideal partner, most of the time the physical aspect, such as the most perfect body and the beautiful face. Then as you mature, the priority in looking for the perfect partner is more the compatibility aspect so that you can live happily ever after. Knowing the compatibility between you and your partner will ensure you discover irritants in the relationship. Since you both know these factors, you can find a solution to resolve conflicts and thus maintain harmony in your relationship. And Ayurvedic compatibility can help you in this regard and can even help you find the type of person who would be best suited for you to have a happy and harmonious relationship. Ayurvedic compatibility consultations can help you find ways to develop a deep level of awareness and understanding with your partner.

Ayurveda is a holistic science of health and happiness, and each individual is a unique combination of three basic principles, called doshas, ​​found in nature. The three doshas are vata, pitta, and kapha, which are the principles of movement, warmth, and stability. Vata (movement) is responsible for the control of all body movements which are breathing, circulation, elimination and the flow of nerve impulses to and from the brain. Pitta (heat) manages the digestion of food and the absorption of liquids and food throughout the body. Kapha (stability) maintains protection through the use of the mucous membrane and stability through the bone structure.

Your overall structure will include the unique set of characteristics and personal traits. This will also explain your health and happiness needs, dietary requirements, types of exercise, and weather. The vata type can benefit from simple, nutritious food and a regular habit. The pitta type has to balance the hectic schedule with more relaxation time. And the kapha type needs a spicier diet and indulging in more invigorating activities. The individual’s doshas can be helpful in Ayurvedic compatibility.

In order to determine your predominant doshas and gain insight into the true nature of each, you will be able to understand why you have the same conflicts that occur over and over again. Now you can understand why your spouse or boyfriend likes dangerous adventures but has less interest in sex, or why your wife loves to eat spicy food and easily blows her mind. If both you and your partner are of the Vata type, you will often have arguments that are usually short-lived, but violent and can escalate to the height of anger, which you later regret. Pitta types are prone to long-term anger. A vata man and a kapha woman are not compatible in sex, as the man’s libido is naturally active at night before going to sleep, while the woman’s libido is active in the morning and she does not feel the sexual desire. at night. So with the help of the Ayurvedic compatibility chart, these problems can be avoided.

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