The ability to increase the size of your penis and continue to exercise on your PE program or penis enlargement program must have a very important tool for that journey. Many do not see lubrication as a very important product and benefit to the entirety and success of a penis enlargement program, but it would be a big mistake to think that way. In general, any lubricant that provides a better surface for manipulation of penile enlargement and enlargement is considered a benefit and should be fully explored.

oil or water

As many lubricants can be used to engage in an act of penis enlargement, it is important that only the most beneficial and safe lubricants are used in this endeavor. Since we were young teenagers, we have learned to use certain types of lubricants and to stay away from other types as well. Tea Golden Rule It’s as long as the lube lasts long enough and is reapplied liberally when needed, as well as being very smooth, then it should work just fine. Some of the most popular lubes are those that are water based and can be reactivated, so to speak, with just a little water each time the lube does not promote ease of handling.

Generalized Lubricants

See below for a quick list of some common lubricants and the differences between oil and water based lubrication products.

Commonly used lubricants

  • kentucky jelly

  • KY liquid

  • udder cream

  • astroglide

  • baby oil

  • Vaseline

  • tiger balm

  • cocoa butter

  • abilene

  • Canola oil

personal decision

While the products listed above are great for penis enlargement exercises and anything else you want to think about, it is up to the personal choice of whoever will be applying these lubricants to their penis as to what they use and what they don’t use. Many men mix their own lube by adding eg essential oils or some other way to smell good or feel good to their heart’s desire!

No soapy suds please

One thing that you should be aware of is the use of any type of soaps. The problem with soap is that it tends to quickly irritate the delicate skin on the penis, causing high levels of urethral irritation in the process. It is best to stay away from soaps at all times, unless you are in the shower, then we strongly recommend the use of soap and water.