Distillery Equipment Manufacturer

Distillery Equipment Manufacturer

Distillery Equipment

A distillery equipment manufacturer provides metal fabricated products. Capabilities include coppersmithing, piping fabrication, welding, and forming. Brewery, distillery, and chemical process equipment can be fabricated. Engineering, modeling, piping, electrical, and instrumentation drawing services are offered as secondary services. Other key equipment includes high quality industrial pumps. Celebration Distillation uses pumps commonly used in the oil industry.

Manufacturer of standard and custom distillation equipment including filters. Features include controllers, regeneration valves, corrosion resistant tanks and remote displays. Serves biotechnology, automotive, food, pharmaceutical and energy industries. Also offers turnkey system integration and 24 hour emergency services.

As the craft booze industry continues to grow, companies like NexGen are finding more business from the growing ranks of new distilleries. The company’s Muskegon location, near a concentration of West Michigan’s distillers and breweries, has already brought in a steady stream of work for mechanical services, process piping and new equipment installation.

Along with the boiler and mash tun, one of the most important pieces of equipment needed for any Distillery equipment manufacturer is the still itself. NexGen’s double pot still setup consists of two modified dairy containers – a large, 1,800 gallon tank and a smaller, 1,200 gallon tank. The company uses copper for its stills because it’s less expensive than stainless steel and has the added benefit of removing sulfur compounds that are created during fermentation.

Distillery Equipment Manufacturer

Whether starting a craft distillery for the first time or supplying a new still to a growing microdistillery, purchasing equipment can be a major expense. To keep costs down, distillers can purchase used equipment from beer and wine makers or search the McMaster-Carr manufacturing equipment catalog and craigslist for supplies.

In addition to the still, distillers need a mash tun and boiler, storage tanks for the head, heart and tail and piping. Investing in high quality industrial and portable pumps is worth it, Haik says. He recalls breaking down 4-5 pumps before he decided to pay the extra money for a good pump that lasts.

Manufacturer of vapor distillation equipment including thermal, mechanical vapor compression and circulating flash evaporators. Systems are designed for continuous or batch processing. Features include level probe diagnostics, alarm management and remote display. Suitable for pharmaceutical, automotive, aerospace, medical and metalworking industries. Also provides engineering, modeling and piping services. Turnkey system integration and 24 hour emergency service available.

Once the construction is complete and the punch list has been completed, it’s time to test the equipment. All of the systems need to be functional in order to ensure they meet the design requirements and will function properly for day to day operations.

One critical piece of distillery equipment is high quality industrial pumps. Celebration Distillation purchased a pump that is used in the oil industry and it’s been up to the task of the rigorous demands of producing vodka.

Another item on the distillery checklist is a carbon filter. Having clean water is a necessity in the industry and a carbon filter is the best way to ensure you are getting a clean product. Haas also suggests investing in a UV sterilizer to eliminate any bacteria that might be present. This will protect the equipment from contamination and will ensure your final product is free of any bacteria.

Having access to high quality industrial equipment is critical, especially for pumps. Haik recommends spending a little more at the beginning for pumps that can take a beating and won’t break down quickly. He says Celebration Distillation had a good amount of luck finding used brewing equipment on Craigslist or eBay.

Manufacturer of solvent fractional distillation equipment. Features include closed loop designs, real time water quality monitoring and data collection. Serves biotechnology, combinatorial chemistry, pharmaceutical, medical, veterinary and quality assurance laboratories. Also provides machining, fabrication, forming and lathe work services. 24/7 technical support services available.

Distributor of laboratory equipment. Products include solvent and water distillation systems, Kjeldahl distillers, arsenic limit test apparatus and liquid extraction devices. Stainless steel and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) materials are used. Also manufactures vapor compression, thermal and circulating flash evaporators. Services include system integration, preventative maintenance and emergency repairs. UL 508A listed. Serves aerospace, automotive, medical and jewelry industries. Custom design, engineering and fabrication services offered.

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