Dealer Bluff Six Card Poker – A poker table game in which the dealer may try to cheat you, a kind of

Dealer Bluff Six Card Poker is a poker variant table game that is distinctive. The dealer makes the first move and the players react to what he does. Please note that the dealer may occasionally bluff, but if you have poker, tell experience that it won’t help because a electronic card reader which is programmed to operate randomly, makes all the decisions to brag or not to brag.

How to play

Players must first call initial bet and blind bets. The dealer deals six cards face down to each and to himself. The dealer bets first, with the option to bet 1X, 2X or 3X of the player’s initial bet. The e-card reader will announce the amount of the dealer’s bet. Typically the dealer bets more with a strong hand and less with a weak hand, but be aware that the dealer will occasionally bluff. The goal is to beat the dealer with a better five card poker hand.

After the dealer bets, players have the option of folding (losing the initial bet and blind) or calling (making a game bet equal to the dealer’s) or raising (doubling the dealer’s bet). the cards are turned face up to determine the winner or winners.


If the dealer has less than one pair, the initial bet is a tie. All other bets receive action. If the dealer wins, the player’s ante, game, and blinds lose. If the player wins, the ante and the game bets pay the same money. The blind bet pays according to the following table:

Hand Pay

Royal Flush – 500/1

Straight flush – 50/1

Four of a Kind – 1/15

Full House – 4/1

Flush – 3/1

Straight – 1.5 / 1

3 / Type – 1/1

All others: push

A tie between the dealer and the player is a tie.

Optional bets

Aces up – This optional bet pays the following even if the player loses the hand to the dealer:

Hand Pay

Royal Flush – 200/1

Straight flush – 50/1

Four of a Kind – 1/30

Full House – 8/1

Flush – 7/1

Straight – 6/1

Threesome – 4/1

Two pairs – 2/1

Pair of Aces – 1/1

Bidirectional Bad Beat – This option pays the following if the dealer or player has a pair of aces or better and loses. No matter who wins the hand, the player is always a winner if a bad beat occurs, unless there is a tie:

Hand Pay

Straight Flush – 10,000 / 1

Four of a kind – 5,000 / 1

Full House – 500/1

Flush – 200/1

Straight – 100/1

Threesome – 35/1

Two pairs – 10/1

Pair of Aces – 9/1

Advantage and strategy of the house

The house edge for the starting hand is approximately 1.7%, the Aces Up and Bad Beat optional bets are approximately 6.2% and 10.6% respectively.

The strategy recommended by the experts is: If the dealer bets 1X: fold with a KJ-8 or less, raise with a pair of 3 or better, call all other hands. If the dealer raises 2X, fold with a pair of 6 or less, raise with a pair of 10 or better, call all other hands. If the dealer raises 3 times, fold with a pair of 9 or less, raise with a pair of kings or better, call all other hands.

This poker game is pretty simple once you understand it. There is also a benefit to the player where the dealer acts first, but be careful, the bluff!

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