Business of the 21st Century: Review

Robert Kiyosaki, author of the hit book series “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” recently published a new book. This is a review of this latest book, “The Business of the XXI Century”.

Present the book:

“In Business of the 21st Century, I’ll show you why you need to start your own business and exactly what kind of business. But it’s not just about changing the kind of business you’re working with; it’s also about changing you. I can show you how. find what you need to grow the perfect business for you, but for your business to grow, you will have to grow too. “

The premise of this book is that you can STILL experience business success. Despite the “tough times” due to the global economic crisis, fortunes will be made.

But the qualifier is that you must choose wisely.

It is a current reality that American workers compete with workers in every country in the world. Many of these workers are HAPPY to do the same job for a tenth (or less) of their current salary!

For this reason, and many more economic factors, we live in an era of unprecedented levels of unemployment. Rates are often correlated with “The Great Depression,” but that’s not a fair comparison.

While the percentages of people who are unemployed may be similar to levels of depression, we live in a completely different world. The level of education, technology and mobility is a hundred times more advanced than in the 1930s. And yet, tens of millions of Americans are unemployed or “underemployed” and have jobs far below their education and experience. This is especially true of “Baby Boomers” who have very little chance of matching their old jobs.

Robert Kiyosaki touches on this reality in his description of the “Cash Flow Quadrant.” He says that EVERYONE who earns income falls into one of four categories, or four corners of the “Cash Flow Quadrant.”

The four divisions are:

Employee: These people are looking for a good job with benefits. They are also 100% at the mercy of their employers, who are at the mercy of global competition. The goal of every employee is to have some money left over after paying all their expenses.

Free-lancers: These are small business owners and sole proprietors, characterized by “Mom and Pop” stores and service providers. Unfortunately, many displaced workers have tried starting a business only to find that they simply “bought” a 100-hour-a-week job. They also quickly learn that when they stop working they stop earning.

Company owner: These people understand that maximum earning potential can only be achieved by leveraging the efforts of many, many more. A business builder creates a “machine” that operates 24 hours a day, without your direct involvement at every stage of the process.

One of the BIG differences in a business owner’s wealth-building potential is the legal and ethical ability to record expenses “before tax.”

And the fourth quadrant is the Investor. The investor has achieved enough wealth that their money now “works” for them! This is the goal that all people live for, if only to get to the point where they can one day “retire.” Unfortunately, today, the vast majority of Americans can never retire without a drastic reduction in their lifestyle.

According to Kiyosaki, entrepreneurs and investors represent less than 20% of the productive population. More than 80% of workers do not have the freedom to direct their own schedules, they are tied to their work or their store.

Robert Kiyosaki cautions that EVERYONE should have a goal of being a self-employed business owner. Then write WHY Network Marketing is “The Business of the 21st Century” for these reasons:

1. Network marketing is the easiest business model to go from employee to business owner. You can also start part-time and transition to full-time. Plus, the cost of entry is very low, usually just a few hundred dollars.

2. Network marketing is a system that provides leaders who have a vested interest in YOUR success. These leaders, and the marketing systems available, ALSO provide extensive training for you to be successful. In most cases, these training resources are available for FREE or at a very low cost. Note: It is ALWAYS less expensive to buy the accumulated wisdom of successful people than to repeat their mistakes.

3. Network marketing provides the most effective means of promoting a product, that is, by using personal relationships to provide recommendations. (Today, these recommendations are spread online to thousands of “friends and followers”).

4. Network marketing leverages the efforts of dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of others. All of these people are working YOUR business, but they are also creating a residual income stream for you.

5. Network marketing provides almost limitless opportunities to increase your knowledge and develop your personal skills, making you more valuable as a leader and resource to others. It also puts you in the circle of influence of other leaders who are in the top 1% of income earners and opens up additional opportunities.

6. Network marketing is a scalable business. There are many avenues open for successful network marketers. All of these can be expanded to grow business, across the country or around the world.

7. Network marketing creates not only wealth creation but also an asset. The business you build is a legacy. You can build a business that will outlive you.

8. Network marketing is a business that generates residual income. It also creates multiple streams of income, unlike more than 80% of workers who have only one paycheck and are helpless when it ends. Residual income means that you earn even when you are not “working” and can hardly turn it off! For these reasons, network marketing really has no income ceiling!

9. Network marketing has no educational prerequisites. You can even participate if you are over-educated! There are no barriers based on race, age, background, or any other factor that could make you “unemployed” in a typical job search. Today, hundreds are lining up for a vacancy as a janitor. In network marketing, you can get around all the hurdles and get started right away.

10. Network marketing is perfectly positioned to take advantage of modern technologies. While the industry has been successful for decades using only face-to-face sales methods, these new technologies expand opportunities exponentially. In particular, the growth of social media gives you access to thousands, even millions of people. It is also a fact that millions are looking for ways to increase their income at any time.

For ALL of these reasons, Robert Kiyosaki concludes that network marketing IS “The business of the 21st century.”

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