You don’t need a wallet to sport a wallet chain!

Well. You know that sexy look of a wallet chain hanging from someone’s hip. You can be a rocker or a country music star. Or it could be from the James Dean poster, or from that cyclist or skater on the street. Either way, it is a safe statement. So why aren’t more women wearing wallet chains?

The obvious would be the answer that it is usually an accessory associated with men. And it is associated with men because women generally carry their wallets in their purses, not in their pockets. But I’ll tell you a secret: you don’t need a wallet to wear a wallet chain!

Sure, purses and chains are sold together and displayed together all the time. You may see them called biker wallets or chain wallets or trucker wallets. One side is attached to a belt and the other side is attached to a wallet. But you may not have realized that you can buy only “wallet chains” without wallets, and you can connect them to whatever you want!

Like what, you ask? Well the first and easiest option is jeans or pants or anything with belt loops. You can wear one end hooked into a loop in the front and the other end into a loop at the back, thus covering your hips or tummy. Or you can attach one end to a loop at the back and put your keys on the other end and put them in your front pocket, again getting them to hang / drop. And if you get a long enough chain, you can use it as a belt!

Yes, this is a statement piece, not for everyone, but if you have the right attitude, you can pull it off. Here are some tips when buying your chain:

1. Wallet chains come in all sizes and lengths. Make sure yours are in proportion to your body. If you are smaller in stature, look for thinner chains that are lighter and choose styles that are 8 “or 16” long. If it is taller, you can remove 16 “or 22” chains of medium or fine thickness. And bigger or bolder women get even bigger and bolder options!

2. Take a good look at the clips at each end and make sure they are quality parts. Swivel base clips are best because they allow the chain to lie flat and not kink. And since the clips are likely to show when you wear them, you don’t want anything small or cheap.

3. Consider doubling down on your pleasure (and your style) with a double wallet chain. You can’t go wrong with a classic ball chain wallet chain or any slim link style. Again, don’t overwhelm your body, but try this look. And if you have a triple wallet chain, go for it!

4. If you are using your wallet chain as a belt, make sure it is long enough to have a “drop” at the end, and finish with a clip or key ring accessory or pendant to add your own. seal to look.

5. Most wallet chains can also be used as necklaces. Or they can be clipped to the straps of your purse, briefcase, or purse instead of your body. Your only limits are your imagination.

So don’t get caught up in words. Drop the wallet and test the chain. Call it jean chain or belt chain or body chain or whatever. Just enjoy this underappreciated accessory “gem” and rock it if you have it!

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