XPlane 9 Flight Simulator Debut

When it comes to flight simulation PC game players, XPLANE 9 is one of the world’s most comprehensive and powerful flight simulators for personal computers. Compared to Microsoft Flight Simulator, its biggest and toughest competitor, most will agree that Microsoft has the upper hand in terms of the number of players under its arm. But, XPLANE 9, although it was late, offers the closest realistic flight simulation model available.

Watch this game, you will realize that XPLANE 9 is not just a game, but an engineering instrument that can be used to anticipate the flight gauges of fixed and rotary wing aircraft. This incredible precision makes it a great instrument for anticipating aircraft operation and handling.

Just imagine, this XPLANE 9 game allows players to take off with any airport in the world, as well as select their choice of preferred environment and detailed terrain, with additional real-time weather. Not forgetting to pick the aircraft of your choice, be it a Cessna light airliner or a large commercial jet (like Boeing 747) or a jet from a collection of 35 planes, or even one of your own design. And as it takes off, the voices are truly impressive, with precise sounds of engines blasting out and loud background radio conversations in the background.

With all these features, it is no wonder XPLANE 9 is adopted by the FAA (US Federal Aviation Administration), aircraft manufacturers, the world’s leading defense contractors, space agencies in the United States. States, either as part of their internal pilot simulation training, or used as flight test or aircraft design.

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