Why Some Women “Glow” and How You Can Too

You often hear of women whose skin seems to “glow.” It’s kind of a glow that you see on some ladies and not so much on others. Here are some examples of how to get a soft skin glow without sticking your finger in a light socket to get it.

enter puberty: Not that many people want to do this again, but girls going through puberty have an influx of hormones that make their skin look more radiant than before. nearly any other time in their lives. The trade-off for this is that those same hormones can give you oily skin, acne, and severe mood swings.

get pregnant: We often hear how a pregnant woman just “shines.” Good is true. Those hormones that make pubescent girls shine come back with a vengeance during pregnancy. In the early stages of pregnancy, many women look more beautiful than at any other time in their lives. Also, women tend to take better care of themselves during pregnancy by eating right and taking prenatal vitamins. Of course, the downside comes with all the pain of pregnancy. But at least in this case you get a really special bonus at the end.

Eat well: So, do you want to have clear and beautiful skin that glows? Well, for many women it’s just a matter of eating right. Have you ever wondered how Jennifer Lopez gets that beautiful glow on her skin? Part of this is, of course, her incredible genetics. But it is also rumored that Ms. López will continue Perricone’s recipe, a diet plan that includes plenty of antioxidant foods and foods rich in omega 3 acids, including plenty of wild Alaskan salmon. A daily diet of foods rich in these nutrients helps impart its beautiful glow.

working outExercise – Another way to make your skin glow is to get plenty of exercise, especially cardio exercise that really gets your heart pumping. When you work your cardiopulmonary system, you cause the tiny blood vessels and capillaries near the skin’s surface to open up, which in turn gives you a healthy glow. Start a regular exercise routine and before long your skin will reflect improvement all the time, not just right after your workout.

get a facialTips: While getting a facial will only give you a temporary glow, the results are often worth it. The many steps of a traditional facial, especially facial massage, cause the small blood vessels in the face to temporarily dilate, giving you the appearance of healthy skin. Of course, if you’re preparing for a big event, it’s best to have a series of facials, not just one treatment right before the big day. This is because facials can also cause unexpected breakouts if your skin isn’t used to them. The other danger is that you relax to sleep and miss out on whatever you want to look great for.

Get an advanced exfoliating treatment– When we are young our skin cells naturally shed very quickly, as we age that process can slow down to twice or even triple the time it took in our youth. The downside to this is that the older, scaly cells on top of our skin are hiding the plump, round cells underneath that look younger and reflect light better. A series of microdermabrasion or micropeeling treatments can boost that process and restore the glow of youth to your skin. The downside here is that not everyone is a good candidate for every treatment; You will need to consult your esthetician to determine the procedure that is right for you.

fell in love: if true. There is a special glow in a woman in love. It’s not just emotion, it’s chemistry. Oxytocin, the hormone that gives teenage girls and moms-to-be their glow, kicks into overdrive when you’re falling in love, giving you a special bond with your partner and a beautiful glow to your skin. I can’t think of a better all-natural beauty treatment than that.

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