What is the best whey protein?

Experienced athletes know that the highest quality protein products consist of whey protein. Whey is a form of milk and has the highest bioavailability of any protein powder out there, meaning your body will absorb more of it and use it to build muscle. Whey protein consists of whey isolate, the purest type of whey, or whey concentrate, also a highly bioavailable protein source that is slightly less pure than isolate. The best whey product for you will depend entirely on your exercise and dietary needs – do you need it strictly post-workout or do you need it for any time of the day?

Whey protein isolate

Whey Isolate is a form of whey where impurities like fat and lactose have been separated from the powder through the treatment process. Therefore, it is a purified or “isolated” whey product. The result of this is a protein powder with an exceptionally high percentage of protein (usually 80-90%), which is quickly digested and is ideal for building muscle and rapidly increasing nitrogen levels in the bloodstream. Whey isolate is the best source of whey to use first thing in the morning, or immediately before or after training, due to the purity of the product and super fast absorption time.

Concentrated whey protein

The next purest form of WPI protein is WPC, or whey concentrate. This is generally a bit lower in protein content than whey isolate (usually 70-80%) but it certainly has its uses for weight trainers and athletes. Whey concentrate is a perfect all-round protein, as it is digested at a fairly rapid rate (about one to three hours digestion time), but not so fast that you need to take multiple servings to feel satisfied. Whey concentrate is the best whey powder to take during the day, or when there are a few hours to go to the next meal.

Hydrolyzed whey protein

This is the purest form of protein on the market today, and it is the fastest absorbing full spectrum protein powder out there. The protein fractions in whey isolate are predigested, which means that there are additives during processing that further break the bonds between amino acids, causing the rate of digestion to increase rapidly! By weight, hydrolyzed whey proteins are typically over 90% protein, which means you need less in each serving to get the same amounts of protein into your bloodstream. You can expect the whey protein hydrolyzate to digest within an hour, making it the best source of whey for your workouts. However, this is not a great protein to consume outside of workouts, as the super fast absorption rate means that you will continually be hungry!

What is the best serum product for me?

· If you are only using a whey product for your workouts, choose a WPI or hydrolyzed whey (budget permitting). This will ensure that your nitrogen levels are at their highest, giving your body the ideal situation in which to build muscle!

If you are looking for a meal replacement whey powder, go for a primarily WPC product. This will ensure that your nitrogen levels stay high for longer periods of time, which means that your body remains anabolic.

· If you are looking for a whey protein that covers all the bases, why not go for a mix of all three types of whey? This will ensure that you receive medium and fast absorbing protein to boost your post-workout recovery, control hunger, preserve nitrogen levels, and build new lean muscle.

There you have a brief summary of whey protein and which whey proteins are best for you. In short, you should be looking for a whey powder that suits your needs: whey isolate or hydrolyzed WPI to nourish your workout, whey concentrate for all-day protein consumption, or a whey protein blend to cover all bases.

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