What Is a PTAC Unit?

What Is a PTAC Unit?

What Is a PTAC Unit?

A portable terminal air conditioner is an invaluable self-contained cooling and heating system commonly located in hospitals, hotels, senior housing communities, motels, apartment complexes, condo units & vacation homes. The most effective way to cool down small spaces without relying on central air conditioning is by using a portable unit. This saves the homeowner the expense of buying and installing a permanent unit that will be taken down and moved if needed. These cooling units provide comfort, warmth, and humidity control throughout the entire home or office with the push of a button. The units can be moved almost anywhere with almost no trouble at all.

They are cost-effective ways to keep a small space cool during the summer months. Many homeowners purchase these PTAC units to save money on their energy bills while also having a small heating system if the power goes out. These units provide lightweight, easy-to-use cooling that is also very quiet. In addition to providing lightweight cooling, they can provide a consistently cool temperature in any size area.

When selecting a cooling unit, it is essential to understand how each style of unit operates. PTAC ductless mini-split systems are one of the most popular styles of units available. The ductless mini-split system consists of two compact units mounted in the walls near the floor and ceiling of the room. The larger unit is placed inside, the smaller unit and is connected to the air ducts inside the building or structure. A thermostat controls the temperature of the air coming into the room from the outside.

What Is a PTAC Unit? – Types of exterior grille PTAC units

Heated air vents located on both sides of the room allow the warm air to be sucked into the room while keeping cold air from escaping. This design makes the system very energy efficient. These units are not only extremely energy efficient, but they are also quiet. The units do not require ductwork because they are placed inside the walls.

There are two types of exterior grille PTAC units, the fixed unit, and the mobile unit. The fixed unit is installed in the wall at the same location as the existing vent, making it difficult to install. The other type, the mobile unit, allows the unit to be moved to where needed. A good example of this type would be for a wood garage. In this case, the unit could be moved to an exterior wall, connected to the existing vent, and then hooked up to the garage’s air intake.

Both types of PTAC units are very energy efficient, making them the perfect cooling solution. Both units also require less space than many other types of air conditioners and heat pumps. This makes them very popular choices for new homes and businesses and older homes and commercial buildings. There is no reason not to own a heat pump or an air conditioner with all these benefits.

Now if you are looking for a PTAC unit for your home, office or commercial facility, you can check out different online PTAC sellers to find one that fits your budget and needs.

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