What exercises do you handle to lose love?

What exercises to lose the love handles are the best? What would you think? We all know what love handles are, right? Affectionately known, or not, as muffin tops, belly rolls and spare tires among others; it is also the most stubborn fat to get rid of. The first to settle in and the last to move in, so to speak.

But to evict these squatters and freeloaders, the notion that there are great exercises to exploit is that the fat and poor exercises are your worthy enemy. Because the truth is that no exercise is better at this; And in total contradiction, almost all exercises are excellent. The reason is, of course, obvious. Exercise is not what removes fat from your body.

Take a look at the contestants on that TV show: Survivor. Midway through the show, everyone shows off great abs. You hardly see love handles. And they didn’t accomplish that by using the latest television device that spins, rocks, spins and whatever. They endured daily caloric deficits.

Building muscle, to some extent, has to do with genetics. At some point, your genetics will determine the shape and upper limits of the size your muscles can reach. This is not the case with getting those coveted abs. We all have them. Some will look a little different, but we all have them. And the key to showing them is, first and foremost, dieting.

Exercise strengthens the muscles under the fat. The notion that you can use the $ 200 ab as a treadmill for your abs for 15 minutes a day to make that muffin top non-existent is misleading and almost ridiculous. Any program based on just working your obliques or abs will not work on its own. Because the general notion that point reduction doesn’t work is true.

Therefore, no exercise is better when it comes to burning waist fat.

But in the context of a holistic program of diet, lifestyle change and constant exercise routine; There are many great exercises you can do to strengthen your abs.

However, first let’s talk about the most important exercise you can do. But it is not THE exercise, rather it is ONE exercise. It is an exercise that you do constantly. And that’s the key. You can choose the exercise, any exercise, but you can’t choose when or if you want to do it. You must do it consistently. And that means 4-5 times a week. It cannot take a week; you can’t get it back later; And you can’t have more important things to do

Of course, life and other priorities get in the way. And you don’t want to punish yourself for missing some workouts. However, you must commit to exercising diligently and consistently. That alone will ensure that once the fat is burned off; your abs will look their best.

So, assuming you understand that dieting is the key to shedding belly fat in the first place, and that exercising consistently is the second; Let’s talk about which exercise would be best to strengthen your obliques.

I think the best exercises for obliques are static and twisting exercises. I’ve never been a big fan of doubles. I don’t see the need to stretch my lateral muscles. I don’t think it’s a natural move. So the exercise I recommend would be:

  • Side table – Start in the plank position (standard push-up position but on the forearms) and rotate the body until you are on one forearm and facing your side. Initially you can place your free hand on your waist or you can extend it upwards. When you can hold for 60 seconds, you can elevate your feet to create more stress.
  • Side plank with reach – From the side plank position, begin by extending your free hand up. From there, try to reach as far below your body as you can with your free hand.
  • Hang your knees from side to side – Hanging from a chin bar, while lifting your knees; you want to try to touch your left knee with your right shoulder. Go down and repeat on the other side.
  • Bentover side to side twist – With a broomstick on your shoulders behind your neck, take a wide stance. Bend your body parallel to the ground and start by turning your left shoulder towards your right foot and turning towards your right shoulder towards your left foot. Initially, you will be tight, so go slow.

As for the sequence, I think a giant circuit would work here:

  • Side table – work up to 60 seconds
  • Bentover side to side twist – 30 turns: a full turn is one to the left and then one to the right.
  • Hang your knees from side to side – work up to 20 repetitions.
  • Side plank with reach – Work up to 10 reps per side

No rest between exercises. I think one or two circuits (don’t rest more than 1 minute between circuits) after your regular workouts would be good.

So there you have it, my thoughts on what are the best exercises to lose the love handles.

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