Unhealthy father and daughter relationship

The father is a daughter’s first relationship with a mature man, and therefore a healthy father-daughter relationship is imperative for the normal upbringing of a girl. Sadly, incestuous father-daughter relationships do occur and this unhealthy father-daughter relationship will seal the daughter’s fate for a tumultuous male-female relationship later in life.

Incest is a crime

Incest is a crime in many countries. It is a sexual relationship between close relatives. The most common among incest is the unhealthy relationship between father and daughter. Most of the time, this happens between a parent and a prepubescent or adolescent girl and can continue for years. But just as you need a strong bond between mother and child, a strong and healthy bond between a father and daughter is also important.

Parenting is definitely a joint venture

There are many things a father can provide that a mother cannot, and the reverse is equally true. Parenting is definitely a joint venture between father and mother. Both parents are complementary. One brings some intellectual wisdom, emotional satisfaction, physical activities, and experiences that make up for what the other parent lacks. But even if each parent brings something different to the child’s life, the universal gifts that both parents should give are unconditional love and time.

The love of a father for a daughter becomes

When a father’s love for a daughter turns into lust for meat, it becomes unhealthy. The child, who is immature and defenseless, would follow him out of fear or try to please his father and listen to him for guidance. A lustful father can turn his lies into truth in his daughter’s ears. Eventually, there are times when the daughter becomes a willing participant in this unhealthy father-daughter relationship.

Trauma lifespan

This type of relationship has a great impact on the emotional and psychological growth of the daughter. Most of the time, the effect can be a lifetime of trauma. The daughter will experience depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, and substance abuse. The daughter will grow up and have self-esteem issues, thinking that unless she enters into a sexual relationship with a man, she is not lovable. You would be thinking that you are not worthy of any genuine love and that the only way to feel important and loved is for you to give another man the sexual pleasure that your body can provide. This unhealthy father-daughter relationship also results in any healthy future relationships and extreme anger that is brewing towards her being avoided. This unhealthy incestuous relationship also makes the daughter feel guilty for allowing such an inappropriate relationship to exist between her and her father. The worst effect of this type of relationship is not being able to recognize self-love. This poor self-image will doom any girl to a life of troubled relationships. Since the girl cannot find out who she really is, she cannot find any man who can fill the void in her being.

Long-term detrimental impact on life.

An unhealthy father-daughter relationship has a long-term detrimental impact on the daughter’s life. Hatred for her mother also stems from this by “allowing” that relationship between her and her father to happen. Without the perception of love and protection from her mom and dad, the daughter has little chance of finding peace and a genuine loving relationship with any man in the future.

Conclusion: An unhealthy father-daughter relationship can destroy any girl’s hope for a chance at a normal family life.

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