The T-Fal BeerTender is the perfect way to add a pub-style draft to your home.

Bring the pub experience home!

The T-Fal BeerTender for Heineken DraughtKegs is one of the lowest priced home draw units for Heineken mini kegs. Priced at around $ 150.00, this small lightweight draft beer dispenser is a great addition to any beer lover’s kitchen, study, or game room.

Like most BeerTender appliances, the T-fal unit features top-mounted indicator lights that let you know when your mini keg is at the perfect temperature for your enjoyment. It’s important to note that chilling a beer from room temperature to optimal tapping temperature can take up to 10 hours, so be sure to plan ahead before heating the keg.

Current limitations

The main drawback for beer enthusiasts with any of the BeerTender units is their limited selection of beers that will work with the home recording system. As of now, only Heineken, Heinken Premium Light and Newcastle Brown Ale kegs will work with the T-Fal.

Other 5 liter mini kegs cannot be drawn with this system as they are not pressurized with co2 like the Heineken Draft keg. That’s an important thing to keep in mind if you were planning to order a Bell’s Oberon to keep on your beer tap. To take advantage of gravity fed mini kegs as well as Heineken brands, look at the EdgeStar Mini Kegerator which features a co2 adapter to use standard 5 liter kegs.

Easy to use

Installing and connecting your mini keg to the dispenser is very easy and will take almost no time. Just pop the top open, slide in your keg, and connect the feed tube, that’s it. The T-fal and Krups units are quite simple to operate, so don’t worry about complicated connections or setup procedures.


The T-fal BeerTender features removable stainless steel drip trays that handle your overflow and make cleaning a breeze. A detachable pour spout also makes cleaning easy, but you’ll need to replace the Beertender tube lines with each new keg. You can find the tube packs in sets of 10 on Amazon, it is recommended to stock up on plenty of them when you first order to save on shipping every time you need to reorder the tubes.

Give yourself the perfect thing for

This is a great inexpensive toy for any beer lover who wants fresh, cold beer on tap every day. Its small size and light weight make it extremely portable, making it ideal for barbecues and tailgates too. The BeerTender is designed to pour your beer the right way with the perfect amount of foam so you can really enjoy the beer tasting experience.

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