The T-Bow: a great piece of home exercise equipment

With great success in the home exercise market, the T-Bow is a new idea in exercise equipment that combines heart-pounding cardio with muscle conditioning and toning and adds core stability for a full-body workout every time. .

I am a Personal Trainer and I specialize in training clients in their own homes. Some lucky clients have their own gym and pool, which makes my job easier. Most, however, only have a few square feet of free space to exercise, and my job is to figure out how to give them the results they want. Most are on a budget and want equipment that will easily store in a closet when they finish their workout.

That’s asking a lot! Most small exercise machines do only one thing: cardio, muscle toning, or core and abdominal work. But, and here is the part that gives me a headache, you must do ALL 3 types of exercise to burn fat and tone muscles optimally. Tell the client that you need, say, a Stepper, some dumbbells, and a fitball, and they will likely give up before starting.

So for people like me, the entrance of the T-Bow is as welcome as the sun in January in England. Out of the blue! (The weather is miserable here in the UK. Cold and wet in winter, mild and wet in summer. Give me Florida winters any day)

The T-Bow will do all 3 types of exercises, it easily fits under a bed or stacked in a closet, and it comes with its own exercise bands and a great DVD for under $ 200. And it makes exercising fun!

Here’s how I create the perfect workout using a T-Bow:

Cardio exercise

Essential for burning fat and calories and making the heart and lungs healthier. My client warms up using the T-Bow curve up as a stepping stone; up and down, side to side, knee raises, one leg kicks, whatever. Then we flip the T-Bow and really rock! Balancing the shaky side uses more muscles, including the core, and really works those legs. We went from slow to fast, we turned to rock back and forth (that takes a bit of balance, let me tell you!) And we sang all those cheesy tracks from the ’80s when pop stars could really sing … my age here !

Muscle strengthening

No workout is complete without muscle work. Ladies, forget about those worries about building big, bulky muscles, it’s not going to happen (unless you specifically want it to). Toning the muscles makes them sleek, shapely, and smaller. And having muscle burns fat, all the time. Great, huh?

So we attached the exercise bands to the sides of the T-Bow, now curving up again, and my client tones her legs, shoulders, glutes, arms, chest, and back.

 Core stability and stretch

Cut that waist and lengthen those legs! We go down to floor level now and use the T-Bow to lean back, lean and sit for a Pilates and core exercise that uses muscles you didn’t even know you had! Pilates exercises are unmatched for sculpting long, lean leg muscles and a slim waist and hips, as well as strengthening your back and helping you walk taller. We finish our training with some stretches on the T-Bow, which lengthens the muscles and makes them feel good.

So with just 1 piece of equipment you’ve had a perfect workout – just as good as if you had your own gym (and certainly a lot cheaper).

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