The benefits of having a bathtub frame

When your bathroom becomes old and outdated, you will have to make many decisions regarding the costly remodeling that needs to be done. One of the main problems with many older bathrooms is that the tubs and the tiles around them rust, crack, are hard to keep clean, and go out of style. Grout around tiles can erode, discolor, and start to mold, and tiles that have been chipped, broken, or missing can be real eye-catchers.

Lucky for you, there’s an easy and inexpensive way to remedy these bathroom problems, and that’s by installing a bathtub surround. Both tub surrounds and tub liners are available in a variety of modern colors and finishes that will give you a quick way to update your aging bathroom. You may think that frames, which are made from an acrylic or PVCb product, may not be strong enough to withstand wear and tear, but these products have been extensively tested for strength and found to be structurally sound when faced with wear and tear. weight and impact. Additionally, these materials are resistant to stains, cracks, and chips under normal use.

Cleanup is a breeze with new tub surrounds and surrounds because you no longer have to deal with messy, hard-to-scrub grout lines. The materials with which these products are made allow you to clean them quickly and easily and in much less time than it took to clean your old bathtub. In fact, many people who have bathtubs in their homes say that all they need to do to maintain the bathtub area is install one of those new spray cleaners to keep the bathtub looking shiny and new.

Anyone who is remodeling a bathroom will love how easy and efficient it is to install a bathtub surround. You may not need to hire someone to do the work for you, because it’s so simple that most do-it-yourselfers can handle the project in a single day. Tub surrounds fit snugly over old tiles and fixtures, so you don’t have to do messy and time-consuming demolition work. All you have to do is remove the faucet and handles, put the frame in place, caulk around the edges and replace the hardware. Then it’s just a matter of sitting down and letting the putty dry according to the package directions before you can use your new tub.

As you can see, the high cost and time-consuming drawbacks of conventional bathroom remodels don’t exist when installing a tub surround. No longer will you have to hire someone to come in and spend days removing the old tub and tiles and then installing the new ones, which always meant doing without your bathroom, or having the whole family share one, while the job was done. . That’s a hassle most people are happy to give up.

Of course, if you prefer not to do the work yourself, there are numerous companies that offer professional bathtub surround installation services. You will find some installers who prefer to measure the exact size of the tub opening and then order their surround directly from the manufacturer, so it can take a couple of weeks before it is delivered and ready to go. However, once the company has your environment, it only takes them a day or less to install it for you. Regardless of the method you choose to install your new tub surround, you’ll love the results when you look around your newly renovated bathroom.

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