self aware test – But self awareness can do much more than that

self aware test – But self awareness can do much more than that

self aware test

Have you ever given yourself a self appraisal? If you have not then you are probably one of the 95% of the population who have not. You see, self appraisal is a self fulfilling prophecy, and in reality it’s pretty boring. Sure, you get to express your own opinion, but you get too tired for that afterwards. What a waste of time that is, so if you haven’t gave yourself a self appraisal recently then you should start now.

self awareness test

First of all there is no such thing as a self aware test. The only self awareness test is one that forces you to be uncomfortable. There is no other self assessment that is more uncomfortable than the one where you have to stand in a stuffy room, look at a bunch of machine parts, try to guess what the color of something is and then finally have to write it down. Not only is this an uncomfortable test it is also an inaccurate self assessment. Your true ability lies somewhere in between these two tests

This is why the best self awareness test is one that doesn’t put you under any pressure. By it’s very nature a self awareness test forces people into uncomfortable situations and then asks them to evaluate their self-worth based on the responses they get. A much better scenario would be a test where you get to design a self-assessment and then the computer takes care of the rest. How cool would that sound? And you don’t even have to learn a bunch of stuff, because the computer will do all the learning for you.

self aware test – But self awareness can do much more than that

So the big question is, how will you know you’re self capable? Well, like all self evaluation and self awareness exercises you will be given a series of statements, some simple, some less so. Some self awareness exercises ask you to consider how you act when you don’t feel confident or self assured. Others might involve thinking about what you do when you think you’re not good enough. Finally some tests will have you evaluate yourself based on the statements they’ve pre-programmed into your brain.

The point here is, none of these exercises actually measure self awareness. They are all designed to help you determine your level of self worth. These tests are really more geared at helping you weed out the weak and the unfit from the rest of us. They are also nothing more than self-help gurus attempting to tell you that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

But self awareness can do much more than that. In fact self awareness can help you build self confidence. It is the single most important thing you can do to improve your self esteem. If you haven’t been self aware enough to notice yourself acting and saying the wrong things then your self confidence is suffering. If you’ve been self aware enough to notice yourself doing the right things and believing those things to be true then your self confidence is growing.

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