Practical Manifestation Tools – Piko Piko Breath Secrets for Faster Manifestation

One of the easiest ways to accelerate the results that manifest is to combine regular meditation with energy work.

Many people are familiar with the idea that their body, and all living things, radiate a tangible energy field. The strength of the field is generally associated with the level of health and vigor of the organism.

When you manifest results directly, you project the thought of what you want through the energies of your body and mind.

More energy means that you radiate stronger thought fields, which in turn accelerates eventual physical manifestation.

Common energy disciplines such as pranayama breathing found in yoga or chi gung, reiki, and energy medicine work with the body’s energy fields to strengthen and balance their flows.

Do you want more mojo? Just do more energetic practices. Do you want to increase your ability to channel more energy? Just go through more power development processes and your system will get used to handling the higher ‘voltage’.

However, what most people don’t know is that nature provides a wealth of clean energy sources that can be harnessed and channeled through your energy system.

Now, as with channeling energy for healing purposes (Reiki is the most common example), the better conditioned your energy system is, the more power you can direct. Why generate all the power yourself when you can tap into existing power sources and use them instead?

One of the simplest processes you can play with today is a process called Piko Piko breathing that I originally learned from Huna expert Serge King. The exercise is simple: you find a natural source of abundant life force, then alternate your attention on that and your attention on a visualization, synchronizing it with your inhalations and exhalations.

Here’s how you can experiment with Piko-Piko breathing as follows:

1) Choose a natural energy source, for example the sun, wind or waves.

2) Pick a project you want to power up and make a little 10-15 second mental movie.

3) As you inhale, bring your attention to the source of energy.

4) As you breathe out, put your attention on this mental movie.

5) Repeat until you feel like you are done with the process.

It’s that simple and the more you play with it, the stronger you will become in using this process to help create better results in your life.

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