Oregon Sports Betting – The First Steps to Online Sports Wagering

Oregon Sports Betting – The First Steps to Online Sports Wagering

Oregon Sports Betting

If you’re in the Oregon area and would like to get involved in sports betting, you’re in luck. There’s no shortage of professional sporting events to choose from, and you can wager on just about any event in the country. However, you won’t have many options when it comes to sportsbooks or operators. The state lottery runs the ScoreBoard app, which will soon be taken over by DraftKings.


Before the Supreme Court ruled that sports betting was illegal, Oregon offered a parlay-style game called “Sports Action.” This allowed bettors to pick multiple NFL games to bet on. It has generated several million dollars in revenue and is one of the only states with legal sports betting. The maximum bet, which is $20, is only available for the Super Bowl and the NCAA basketball tournament. There are still restrictions on sports betting in Oregon, but there are more options than ever.

While all other states have launched retail sports betting, Oregon is the only state to start with online sports wagering before launching live betting in casinos. While other states have been experimenting with the concept, Oregon is expected to be the first to launch self-service sport betting kiosks. Another option will be a lottery-style version of sports betting, similar to the popular Sports Action parlay game. The first phase of the sports wagering industry in Oregon will be the most exciting part of the process.

Oregon Sports Betting – The First Steps to Online Sports Wagering

In Oregon, sports betting revenue has been steadily increasing since the beginning of this year. In November 2020, the sports betting industry had its best month yet, bringing in over $4 million in revenue. While the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that more people were staying home to watch the Super Bowl than ever before, the revenue generated by the industry was a promising sign. In the future, the state legislature will have to make a decision on whether to allow gambling.

The new bill was backed by Oregon Governor Kate Brown and will make it possible for other states to enter the Oregon sports betting market. This bill would allow for an unlimited number of operators to apply for a bookmaker’s license. It would also allow for big players in the online sports betting world to enter the Oregon market. If the bill passes, it is expected that DraftKings will be the first of these companies to open in Oregon. The legislation will also allow for new operators to expand in other states and countries.

The Oregon lottery will offer sports betting through its Scoreboard bet app. The Oregon Lottery Commission also approved an Oregon fantasy sports betting app. The lottery’s sports betting app is a great addition to the state’s economy. There are a few other sports betting apps in development in the state. They’ll be available in the coming years. There are also numerous other sports in Oregon that may not be available in other states.

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