Make plastic tablecloths look good

Plastic tablecloths are the perfect alternative to cloth tablecloths on occasions where tablecloths are expected to get dirty. So, if you’re throwing a children’s party, for example, you might want to consider spending on plastic tablecloths instead of standard cloth drop cloths. They’re much less expensive, so you probably won’t mind getting them dirty. They can be used for a variety of occasions, such as birthday parties, picnics, daily meals, and outdoor gatherings. Whether you’re looking for oval or round plastic tablecloths, make sure you pick the right ones.

Considering the theme

Please note that the tablecloth is just one element in your overall environment. On a table, for example, there are other elements that come into play to make or break the setting (for example, placemats and centerpieces). Since tablecloths are basically used for setting the table, it is important to choose the tablecloth that matches the theme of the occasion. All elements must go together.

Choose the tablecloth

You can customize your plastic tablecloth to suit the occasion. Like other types of tablecloths, plastic tablecloths come in many different shapes, sizes, and designs. It is a mistake to buy anything. Singles can be the safe choice, because you have more freedom with them. You can combine it with any centerpiece or placemats. Dressing a simple tablecloth is easy.

get rid of wrinkles

The disadvantage of plastic tablecloths is that they are easily wrinkled. Tablecloths fold during storage. When you bend plastic, the creases appear immediately. Wrinkles can be removed quickly. A recommended way to remove creases is by using a hair dryer. Just set the dryer to low heat and use it on the plastic tablecloth for about 5 minutes. Do not expose the plastic for more than 5 minutes or it may melt. After the tablecloth is ironed, you can move the smoothed plastic tablecloth to the table. To level wrinkles, use the palms of your hands. As the plastic cools, it should lie flat on the table.

To prevent plastic from wrinkling and unsightly creasing during storage, roll plastic tablecloths instead of folding them.

make it look elegant

There are many ways to make your tables look nicer, even if you use plastic tablecloths. The first thing to keep in mind is to use a clean tablecloth. No matter how expensive your tablecloth is, if it has been used in the past and not washed and cleaned, it will make the table look horrible.

The color of the tablecloth is important. Most people just choose white tablecloths, because it’s classic and versatile. In many cases, a white cloth can’t be wrong. It exudes formality and forms an ideal base for your table. More importantly, it goes with just about any type of centerpiece, placemats, napkins, and utensils.

White can be too white. If the white tablecloth does not go with your taste, go with the theme of the event or reason for the place.

The centerpiece of your table dictates elegance. Use fresh flowers, which should contrast with the plastic cover on your table. However, the flower arrangement is another topic in itself. Fruits in a basket can also make a nice centerpiece.

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