Lose a significant amount of weight between Thanksgiving and Christmas

If you are eager to eat on Thanksgiving and Christmas, there is a diet that could be the solution to your problems. Eating on Thanksgiving and Christmas can be a nightmare for a dieter. Constant temptation, tradition and excitement, all wrapped in a nice bow, eh?

What can you do?

Should you ruin your vacation by defending yourself against temptation? Or should you go ahead and make up for bad behavior in the New Years when just about everyone and your brother are determined to lose that spare tire?

The Christmas diet

Consider doing the calorie shifting diet between Thanksgiving and Christmas. There is a window of a few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas that are a great time for sacrifice and dieting. This way, you can enjoy both vacations and still have some damage control in between. Then on January 1, get back on your diet wagon … if you have to!

During those few weeks in between the two fattening vacations, you might consider doing the calorie shifting diet because this is a diet that has a lot of rave reviews of 7-10 pounds lost in 11 days through the caloric cycle or dieting in zig Zag.

May will also make a cabbage soup / sacred heart detox diet.

What does this diet do?

The diet tricks your metabolism into zigzagging and varying your caloric intake a lot and providing you with a specific diet menu to follow that releases fat burning hormones. Also, you are eating 4 meals a day on this diet instead of 3, so your metabolism works a lot harder and helps you avoid the weight loss plateau. This diet can be done at any time of the year, but doing it in early December can be helpful because:

1) You have eliminated Thanksgiving

2) You are going to be busy for a few weeks shopping and living before the real holidays arrive.

3) This diet works on 11-day rotations with 3 cheat days in between, so it can pair well with some Christmas parties.


Starting the diet around December 1 could result in up to 10 pounds lost by December 11.

Starting around December 5 could result in up to 10 pounds lost by December 16.

After the holidays are over, you will probably lose more than the typical 5 pounds you gained over the holidays because most people lose 7 to 10 pounds.

This diet is available online with two components.

1) A diet guide

2) An online menu planner

The menu planner allows you to simply print your menu and head to the grocery store to get everything you need. Then just eat whatever they tell you for each specific day. You will have 4 meals and you can eat them in any combination. There are no measurements or calorie counting and you just eat until just before you’re full. There are other guidelines included, such as lots of water, being careful with seasonings, and there are even tips for handling parties or restaurants, which is a huge dilemma for many dieters during the holiday season.

The best thing about this type of plan is that you can do it whenever you need it. If you hit your ideal weight in January and then fall off the wagon a bit on a holiday or eat something comforting in winter, you can lose weight quickly by simply running the menu builder again and doing another 11-day season.

If you’re reading this article too close to Christmas to get started on this diet, consider using if for your New Years Resolution diet.

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