iPhone 4 Cases – Things to Consider When Buying One

The iPhone is as common today as the wallet in your pocket. Not everyone can have one, but certainly everyone seems to want one. And just like your wallet, your iPhone can have a lot of money tied up in it; not only is it expensive to replace, but the data you store in it could be irreplaceable. This is exactly why anyone who owns a Verizon iPhone 4 should invest in quality protection to avoid costly replacements and repairs.

drop, smash, load

There’s nothing worse than that slow-motion moment when you realize you’ve dropped one of your most valuable pieces of tech, waiting for that inevitable moment when the screen shatters. And it seems that it is more common than we think. No one thinks it will happen to them, but when you wear something made of glass, is it really worth the risk? This is why you should invest in Verizon iPhone 4 cases, you know, that is if you like your iPhone not to break.

AT&T + Verizon = two sizes too big

If you thought you could save some money by transferring that old AT&T case to your new Verizon iPhone, think again. Unfortunately for those new to Verizon, they’ll soon learn that their old case just doesn’t seem like it will cut it. Thanks to CDMA packaging, Verizon’s new iPhone appears to have an almost imperceptible physical difference. Unfortunately, this means one more minor charge for people who switch to Verizon, but that minor expense is nothing compared to the cost of a smashed iPhone later on. The costs outweigh the risks in this case.

More bang for your buck

Everyone knows that Apple renews its iPhone every year. And if you have an iPhone 4, you’ll probably want to get your hands on the iPhone 5 when it comes out. So the only reasonable way to get a new one is to sell your iPhone 4. And the Verizon iPhone case is the best way to make the most of that sale. If you think about how much you could earn from this sale, then all the savings you make on your future investments, like the iPhone 5, will be worth the minimal expense that comes with Verizon’s iPhone case shock protection. Take a look at different sites to see how many mint condition iPhones are available if you need something more convincing. If you’re waiting for the iPhone 5, be sure to put a case on that precious iPhone 4 of yours. This will make your iPhone a better trade-in value once the iPhone 5 comes out! One of the most protective cases you can buy for your iPhone 4 is the Griffin Survivor, which is available in black and pink.

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