How to make a fireplace or grill

Have you ever noticed that your patio is missing something? You may be wondering what other things you can add to your patio to make it more attractive. Putting a fireplace can be one of the good projects that you can do for your patio. A fireplace can be a useful thing to add to your patio, especially during the summer when there are barbecues on the weekends most of the time. You can invite friends and family over and enjoy a barbecue on your patio on hot summer evenings. You can make this fireplace yourself by learning the steps to make one.

1. The first step in a DIY fireplace is to prepare the materials you need to build it. The things you can use for this project are bricks, cement, and plywood. Make sure all your useful tools are within reach too, like hammers and nails.

2. The second step in a DIY fireplace is to structure your materials. If you want the plywood, you should use the one with the dimensions of two inches by four inches. Many people think that this will be a dangerous material for a fireplace, but you just have to make sure that everything is done correctly before using it. A wood-burning fireplace is reminiscent of the fireplace that was used centuries ago.

3. The third step in a DIY fireplace is to structure the base of the fireplace. You should use your bricks. This part should be four feet wide and four feet long. It should be raised two feet off the ground. Then add the plywood and lay a large brick on top of it.

4. The fourth step in a DIY fireplace is to make sure the overall height of the fireplace is six feet and the width is four feet. The back should be a foot deep.

5. The fifth step in a DIY fireplace is to build walls on two sides. Walls must be two feet high. This is an important part of this project because it is where you will place the grill. Its face must be an accessible part so that you can always easily remove your grill.

6. The sixth step in a DIY fireplace is to make the shelves from the griddle. These shelves should be where you keep the coals. This should be six inches below the fireplace grate. You can also put your grilling accessories.

You can keep this fireplace safe as long as you never leave it unattended. Make sure someone is watching you if you have to walk away from something. You can also use gel fuel that can be easily put out instead of regular charcoal. The last thing to remember is to make sure the fire is completely out before you leave the fireplace.

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