How can you improve your website?

The home page of your website is a landing page for the people who find the page. You should treat it like any other landing page. You don’t want to leave them in the dark wondering what to do.

What is your main offer?

One thing you need to know when creating your website landing page is what your main offering is. When someone lands on your home page, they need to see in seconds what you are doing and for whom, and there should be a clear call to action.

Answer these questions on your home page:

  • What company is this?

  • What problems do they solve for me?

  • What stands out about this company?

  • What can I do on this page?

If people come to your site and have no idea of ​​the value you provide, they will just leave.

Focus the design and copy on your ideal client

Developing a customer personality can help you create a landing page designed just for them. That includes the design and the copy. To create the persona, think about these questions:

  • What is your main problem or sore spot?

  • What is your demographic?

  • Who is your ideal client?

Once you answer these questions, you can design the right website for them and not for you. It is their website, but it is made for them.

Create audience-friendly navigation

What you include in your home page navigation is important. It should only be your most essential information that you want them to see and act on. To maximize lead capture, you will need to keep your browsing options low.

  • Limit top-level options

  • Avoid drop-down menus as much as possible

  • If you use drop-down menus, use visual cues

  • Keep the header height small

  • Make sure your page responds

The best landing pages only have options like Contact, About, and the blog. If you have a store, you can also include a Store page in the main navigation links.

Include a call to action

Many people do not include a call to action on the home page and leave their visitors confused about what to do. You shouldn’t have just one call to action on your web page, you should have several. You want multiple entry points to collect the maximum number of leads.

Mobile friendly design

Make sure your website offers a responsive design so that it can be viewed on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Today, there really is no reason why your website should not be responsive. If not, you won’t get as many clients because most people will just walk away if they can’t identify what you can do for them in seconds.

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