Horizon Fitness EX-77 Elliptical Trainer – Workout of a lifetime and fun at the same time!

Having a good time isn’t always a state we associate with exercise. But I found that using the Horizon Fitness EX-77 elliptical trainer made me want to come back again and again in a way that could only be described as “fun.” One of the reasons using the Horizon Fitness EX-77 elliptical trainer is something you’ll love is that it’s packed with incredible features and options to keep you interested and give you the diversity you need to avoid boredom as your training discipline. progress every day.

Special features and options – While most home gyms include a couple of built-in programs, the Horizon Fitness EX-77 elliptical machine comes with fourteen programs for you to use and try as you set your exercise goals. Adding to that variety, you can change the elevation of your stride by up to 16 degrees. When you add multi-position adjustable handgrips, handgrip heart rate monitors, you have everything you need to target key muscle groups and establish an exercise program that’s specific to what you want to achieve every time you work out. your elliptical

Talk to the unit – I noticed that one of the reasons boredom is avoided when you exercise on the Horizon Fitness EX-77 elliptical machine is that the elliptical machine constantly gives you feedback about your exercise. The modes of operation allow you to vary your plan for the day based on the distance, time and calorie levels you want to achieve and depending on the type of terrain, the Horizon Fitness EX-77 elliptical cross trainer simulates between reverse, manual and hill train. . All the while there are readouts that give you insight into your heart rate and other essential readouts so you know how your training is going from day to day. And to keep things enjoyable, the Horizon Fitness EX-77 elliptical crosstrainer supports the use of an iPod, MP3 player, or other entertainment units so you can play rap music or any music that helps keep you entertained and motivated. to continue exercising.

Horizon Fitness EX-77 Elliptical Machine Review – Negatives

The size of the elliptical matters – Considering all the various features and options offered by the Horizon Fitness EX-77 elliptical trainer, it is not a good machine for a shorter person. This restricts how many people in the class can use it. And when you buy a home fitness center, you want everyone to enjoy it.

Loud can’t be fun – The bracket that comes with the Horizon Fitness EX-77 elliptical tells you to take the machine apart and grease the bolts from time to time. If not, the Horizon Fitness EX-77 elliptical cross trainer starts to squeak and creak when you exercise. Although the availability of MP3 helps you block it out, it’s not pleasant for the rest of the house to listen to a brand new machine putting out all that noise. And if you have a TV in your workout area, listening to your show can become a challenge when you can only focus on your home gym.

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