Figs and Fags – Wasps and Dykes

The word gay can refer to homosexual men or it can refer to all homosexuals. I prefer the latter, because Lgbt (Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community) sounds like a new kind of drug. Nor does it flow from the tongue like the word “gayyy“Without stepping on anyone’s feet, and I know for a fact that all my lesbian friends agree with me on this, I don’t like the word lesbian, it just doesn’t sound right. To me, lesbian is like fag and dyke; it’s okay if we use the words, but slightly offensive in the mouth of a homophobic person.

I realize that some of the girls might think that gay is a term like “man”, you know something like: “the man survived WWII”, as if the woman would sit up when talking about the man. But in my opinion, Gay only refers to that secret that we all share. That “gayety“Behind seeing someone on the bench that you saw at the club last night and she knows that you know that she knows exactly what you know. How fun, being gay and that’s why the word gay, playful, reserved and cheerful fits the profile of the totality Lgbt community.

There are certain similarities, but we are also totally opposite, aren’t we? The old saying comes to mind:

Drag is when a man wears everything that a lesbian cannot.

So similar in theory and yet totally opposite in likes, dislikes, and temperament. So what is the relationship between all of us? Is it the persecution, the equality of loving your own gender or do we share that intrinsic?homosexuality“What did I mention before?

Maybe it’s like the Ficus and the Ficus wasp, or generally speaking, the fig and the fig wasp. A fig tree wasp is the greatest enemy of fig trees because it is a parasite and if there are too many, your fig tree will only give you fruit that has gone bad. The fig tree wasp is also the fig tree’s best friend, because it helps with pollination. There are many types of fig trees and not all of them need pollination via fig wasps or even pollination at all, but most of them need the fig wasp to be enacted. So there you have it, an unnatural alliance between the fig tree and the fig wasp.

To make it more interesting, the fig wasp is also the insect that can spread the furthest from all of them. Nor is he interested in other trees only in the fig tree; hence the name. Fig wasps are not all the same. You get two groups, those that pollinate and those that don’t; parasites and those that help the fig tree to spread. The female wasp will crawl towards the young fruit, lose her wings on the way to the center, and then lay her eggs and die. When the eggs hatch, the male will mate with the female’s larvae. The male has no wings and therefore cannot survive long after leaving the fruit. It mates and then crawls out, giving way for the female to come out without also losing her wings. Then it flies to the next tree, crawls, loses its wings, and the whole process starts all over again.

Boys never get wings and they never get to see the world. Girls have the advantage of seeing more of the world, but not for long either.

My comparison is not between the boy and girl wasps, but between the wasp and the fig. Without the fig, the wasp will not be able to survive, because it only uses the fig tree and nothing else. The fig tree, on the other hand, will not be able to spread without the wasp, and while some figs do not need the wasp, most do. Symbiosis of life, they are needed even if they do not look alike, they are needed even if they are enemies (seen from a certain perspective), they are needed and no one else can supply the need.

For many, many species it is vital that the fig tree survive. It has been one of the first fruits grown for agriculture, many birds find their source of calcium only in figs, there are more fig trees than most other species. The fig tree is undoubtedly essential to life on earth and the fig tree wasp is essential to the life of the fig tree.

You have most likely never seen a fig wasp, because for most of its life cycle it lives inside a fig and yet this little insect is vital to life on earth and has been vital during the ages. last 80 million years. Try that on to see the size. A little wasp that wouldn’t get our attention for a second is vital on earth and has been since long before human beings ever walked this earth. In his powerful wisdom, the Creator made this little insect for such a great reason that neither you nor I can understand its meaning.

Back to the dikes and fags; If the Creator had a very good reason for making fig wasps, don’t you think He had such a good reason for making us? Even if a fagot is pansy pink and a tomboy brown dike, we need each other, don’t we? There is a relationship important enough for our survival to work together. Even if we don’t like the same things, we don’t look the same, we don’t act the same, we have many things that we do have in common.

The first is that we fall in love with our own gender and that makes us outcasts; not very important to the rest of humanity. Second, we fight the same battle of being different from average and being rejected for it. Third, we cannot have children in the “normal” way and that makes us unimportant for the survival of humanity, that is, from a heterosexual perspective. For most of humanity we are abnormal, unnatural, disgusting, unacceptable and meaningless in the order of things. We share hatred, rejection, persecution and discrimination. We may not be sexually interested in each other, but we are family, brothers and sisters. As a family, we don’t always agree, but blood is thicker than water, God knows we will stick together. Finally, and perhaps the one that really connects us, even if we doubt it ourselves, the Creator in his wisdom made us for some reason vital to the survival of life on earth. I know, because he did everything for that reason.

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