Essays and Final Articles: How to Write Better Articles

What’s happening with your college papers and essays? Unfortunately, that is a question that many students are unable or unwilling to answer. I see students almost daily who have the term paper blues. Your biggest problem? They can’t seem to start. They procrastinate and rationalize. They postponed the fulfillment of their assignments until the eleventh hour. These students often manage to convince themselves that being able to write good papers and essays is beyond them or simply not necessary. The purpose of this website is to help you get started on the path to writing good college papers and essays. My easy steps for producing better essay articles should make article writing at least easier, if not easy. If you really want to educate yourself, you will have to learn to express yourself on paper. There is no way around this, so adjust your attitude and decide that you will learn how to write a quality final paper or essay that says something.

Writing good papers will certainly help you stay in college. Failing English is one of the main causes of students dropping out of college. You don’t have to do this. Use the resources on this finished jobs site and you can be successful. Take a few minutes and at least see if you can understand what I’m telling you about writing great college papers.

Book reports are basically essays on a book that you have read. If you have a choice, choose a book that you like. If you need to see some quality book reports, please do a search on one of the search engines on this site. Free college period papers and essays also have book reports for you to view. What I want to tell you I learned in hard hitting school. The information that I will provide works well if you make a reasonable effort. The information you’ll receive from reading Bullshipper’s tips on writing college essays and final papers is concise, simple, and straightforward. You can remember what I have to tell you. Do you really want to get off to a good start with your essay or final paper? You must or you will not be reading this. Determine the following before attempting to write. (next column)


What is your essay writing task? Do you understand exactly what your teacher is asking for? As a college professor, I’ve seen a lot of essay writing and finished papers spoiled because students didn’t follow directions. If you are having trouble determining what the essay assignment is, ask your instructor until you are clear on what to expect. Guessing can get you into a bind. Know the topic of your essay and final paper and what you want to do with it. Determine who you are writing for. Define a motivation for this writing. Saying that your teacher or professor is forcing you to write an essay is not a motive. You want your essay to be interesting to a wide audience.

Don’t produce an essay without a purpose. The first sentence you are going to write begins like this: The purpose of this article is … Fill in the blanks.

References for a final paper or an essay Finding good references for your work is now easier than any other with the use of the Internet. During my days as a high school student, we spent a lot of time searching for essay references the hard way. We had to climb the bookshelves in the library. We had to play with microfiches. We had to take a lot of notes on 3 x 5 cards. Oh yeah, we used typewriters and / or ink on paper. Nobody even thought about word processing. Here are some simple steps to learn the topic you are going to write about.

Do your homework, read what your teacher tells you. Don’t fool your professors or professors. Tried this and it rarely worked. Learn how to use academic search engines. I can’t believe how many of my students don’t know how to do this. When I say academic search engines, I do not mean the usual search engines on the Internet, such as Google and Yahoo! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, contact your school library and ask how you can connect to academic search engines like Ebsco Host or Wilson Web. You will never regret having learned how to use them. They are easy to use and contain millions of quality articles on many topics.

Read other final works. You don’t care if the articles are good, bad, or in between, just read other essays that relate to the same topic you’re writing about. By following my advice on this website, you will learn to distinguish quality essays and final papers from mediocre essays and final papers. Even poor essays can have good ideas that can help you write. This site has links to thousands of final papers and essays at very low cost. You even get exceptions from each document. These links point to a paper buffet in real conditions; everything you care to read.

A word to the wise. I had three students in a class who turned in the exact same essay, with mistakes and all. They copied this essay from a free completed works website. They did not intend to write a decent essay. They decided to take the easy route. They did not cooperate. Needless to say, they had a lot of problems. Fool. I hope you take the extra time to produce a quality essay or final work. The only way to improve your writing is by writing. I guarantee you. Remember, “if you take from one author, it is plagiarism; take from many authors and their research.” (Mizner, W.)

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