Emotional Retardation: Can Child Neglect Make Someone Emotionally Retarded?

Even though someone may look like an adult, that doesn’t mean they feel like one. In fact, many of his feelings and needs may have more to do with a child than with an adult.

Even so, it does not mean that they will be aware of this, since the way they experience life may simply be what is normal for them. Another part of this is that they can often be out of touch with most of their needs and feelings.

living on the surface

If this is the case, they may have a tendency to live on top, in their head. This may mean that they will have a fairly developed intellect, and they will have few problems when it comes to this part of them.

A part of them will have progressed and advanced, but another part of them will have been left behind. There is a possibility that your intellect has ended up compensating for the lack of growth of your emotional self.

Part adult, part child

Whether you have a well-developed intellect and are in this unbalanced position or not, you may find that you are very needy. This is of course only something they will be aware of if they are connected to their needs.

During this time, they may be in need of being cared for and given what they need. In addition to wanting approval, they may have a need for other people to adore them.


If they are not connected to most of your needs and feelings, they may seem unnecessary. This will be a time when they will act as if they don’t need anything and are completely autonomous.

When this occurs, it is likely to show that they have lost contact with their body and have gotten into their head. The reason for this is that most of your needs and feelings will be in your body, not in your head.

a challenging area

But, as one is an interdependent human being, it will mean that one needs others. So when they act like this isn’t the case, it’s probably a way to defend against pain and experience a sense of control.

If you alternate between these two ways of being, it can mean that there will be some people in your life who are like father figures and some people who seem very needy. The former can be seen as the parents that their emotional self wants and the latter can be seen as a reflection of what is happening to them.

Out of balance

If they have had intimate relationships, assuming they don’t now, they may have viewed these people more as a mother or father than their equals. They will have needed a lot from them and will have been able to give very little in return.

Still, no matter what they received, it probably didn’t have much of an effect on them. What this boils down to is that they likely have an emotional black hole within them; no matter what you receive, it will not allow you to feel whole and complete.

going deeper

Their ability to take things in could also be affected by fear they may have of letting people get close to them. When they get close to someone, it can be difficult for them to be emotionally present.

This could be a time when they will lose contact with your body and get firmly into your head. The same things that a large part of them will want from others, such as love and acceptance, will be something that they will not really be able to accept.

going deeper

At this stage, it may seem strange why someone can be an adult but have more in common with a young child. What this may illustrate is that his early years were anything but enriching.

Instead of receiving the love, care, and attention they needed in order to grow and develop, they may have been regularly neglected. This would have deeply traumatized them and the only way to deal with this pain would have been to disconnect from their body and go into their head.

an accumulation

This would have meant that parts of themselves were separated from his consciousness and ended up becoming part of his unconscious mind. Their physical and mental selves would have continued to grow, but a large part of their emotional selves, with this part of them totally fractured, would have been anchored to this point in time.

Then the years will have passed and they will have developed a false self to survive, but because they have all those wounded child parts inside them, it will not be possible for them to feel like a strong and capable adult. In a way, they will carry a deeply wounded child or children within them and this will prevent them from being able to access their power and connect with their adult needs.


If one can relate to this and is ready to change their life, they may need to seek outside support. This is something that can be provided with the help of a therapist or healer.

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