Dog training: how to stop barking and unnecessary digging

As the saying goes, “dogs that bark rarely bite.” However, the barking causes a lot of discomfort to both the family and the families of the neighbors. This can create very strained relationships with you and your neighbor. The language of a dog is to bark without a doubt, but not all dogs have a valid reason to bark, they bark for many reasons. Training the dog to decrease barking is essential so that you can check when your dog is barking, as it would only be for one reason. The most difficult situation most dogs are prone to is digging in the ground. This can get you into big trouble, especially if your pet has dug up a beautiful rose plant from your neighbor.

Dogs have many reasons to bark, it can be with enthusiasm, when you want to alert you to a danger, when you see unknown intruders in front of the door or in the house and simply because of the barking! Some dogs hate being left alone and will bark excessively right now; while some want to get your attention to bark and look to see if you are looking at them. Training the dog to prevent him from barking unnecessarily is easy to do, but it would take a long time and will also increase his patience.

You should first notice when your dog is barking excessively. If he barks when left alone, the perfect dog training would allow you to play a conversation on your player so you hear your voice and think everyone is home, or you can leave the television on with a talk channel where your pet will listen to conversations and he will be silent.

There are some dogs that will bark while on a leash and when they go for a walk with you. These dogs require a peculiar type of dog training method. One could be pulling the leash and giving it a firm tug to say “no.” If this doesn’t work, you can have a lemon wedge while walking your dog. When he barks unnecessarily, squeeze a little juice on his lips. The unpleasant taste would remind you that this is the reward for barking unnecessarily.

The practice of digging is innate in dogs, since they used to live in packs; They used to dig the earth to hide their food for a later time. This practice continues with certain dogs even at home, they can even hide their favorite toys under the ground, or they can dig to shake off boredom.

In such cases, the best dog training you can offer is to make them extremely tired with exercises and games before letting them rest in the yard. They would be too tired to expend more energy digging. Remember that your dog must be well trained, so that he can have a quiet life with his neighbors.

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