Do you love exciting adventure vacations? Try American Adventure Vacations With The Best Travel Companies

If you are looking for exciting overseas adventure travel, there are some very special American adventure vacations online. If you have time to tour the US, then you would do well to consider an organized tour with a leading adventure travel company.

Here are some reasons why:

  • You travel in a very different way when you are in the company of experts. Your time is spent productively and nothing is lost. You benefit from being with guides who know the best places to visit and stay.

  • The best adventure travel companies will offer exciting opportunities like authentic accommodations and host families for you to get up close to the culture, customs and wildlife of America. They are companies that design vacations with sustainable tourism on the agenda.

  • Good adventure travel companies will also provide excellent value for money as they know how to keep costs low without compromising the quality of your trip, there will be no costly mistakes, and you will more than likely pay for nothing.

  • Adventure vacations come in a variety of travel styles. You can opt for excursions, train vacations, active vacations or family vacations. The choice is amazing.

  • You will be traveling in a small group, which will help make the trip more enjoyable as your companions will be like-minded people from all over the world. Therefore, they are ideal trips for single people.

  • Your safety is assured.

Here are a couple of absolutely brilliant American adventure vacations that are truly quite special. These examples show that it is possible to see much of the United States on one trip, but it would take a tremendous amount of prior knowledge and careful organization if you had to do it alone.

This trip lasts 44 days. Without a doubt, it is the trip of a lifetime. It’s a round trip that starts in San Francisco and takes you east to west, across the United States. You will travel in an air-conditioned private tour van and have a CEO with you the entire way. Your group will have no more than 13 people, a perfect size. You will take guided visits to emblematic cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC, New Orleans and others. You will spend entire days exploring amazing national parks like Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Mesa Verde, Shenandoah, and more! You will visit the Finger Lakes and Taughannock region and Niagara Falls. You will experience the true Wild West in Deadwood and travel through Sioux territory. Add in iconic landmarks like Nashville and Memphis, horseback riding, canoeing, and hiking, and you’ve got a taste of the enormity of this incredible tour.

Another trip that caught my eye was a camping vacation in the western United States. This is a 22 day trip with 15 nights of camping in fantastic places. Again, this trip begins in San Francisco, where you can kayak and explore the Big Sur coastal region. It then goes to Cachuma Lake, Santa Barbara, and then to Los Angeles, where you can choose to visit Universal Studios. Then you will travel to San Diego, where you will take a tour of the city, and to Phoenix to visit a real cowboy bar.

You’ll still have the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, and Monument Valley ahead of you, and you’ll learn about Navajo culture. Then you will visit Moab, Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, Death Valley, and Yosemite. You can opt for a canoe trip on the Russian River when in Napa Valley. You will be camping most nights so it will really feel like you have been out in nature and having an adventure. It’s another epic tour.

The beauty of organized tours is that they are designed by experts who know what they are doing. We guarantee that you will have a fantastic experience without any of the hassles. Everything is taken care of. Transportation, camping gear, itinerary, and you are free to join in and out of activities as you go. Nothing is mandatory.

I’ve researched many more great trips around the US, and there are certainly many more to choose from, from self-drive vacations to amazing Alaska cruises, mountain vacation rentals, and New York package tours.

The list is very long, but what they all have in common is that they offer excellent value for money, tranquility and, most importantly, adventures that will live with you for many years.

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