Direct Funeral Services – Approved

Direct Funeral Services – Approved

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“Direct Funeral Services” is an agency providing one stop funeral service for all the family members who want comfort with a professional approach. “Direct Funeral Services was founded over thirty years ago by Mrs. Beverly Nelson, who wanted a funeral service that could take precedence over everything else. She wanted the family to concentrate on their individual grief instead of trying to plan a funeral, which can be very stressful for the family.” – Karen Plesch, Direct Funeral Services

“Direct funeral services offers a holistic approach that takes into account the individual needs of each family member.” “Direct Funeral Services works with a highly qualified and experienced team of consultants who work with your loved one’s unique circumstances and desires.” “The entire team at Direct Funeral Services are dedicated to providing the best funeral service possible, with compassion and excellence,” says Pam Bees, “The team members are made up of compassionate professionals who love families and give great attention to each family. They understand and have experience working with people from different backgrounds, ages, religions, races, and economic backgrounds.”

“Direct funeral services singapore is a very sound investment and provides ultimate comfort to your loved one’s family and friends. By offering the highest levels of personalized service, we allow family and friends to grieve in the most comfortable surroundings at a price that is well within our budget.” – David R. Williams, President and Owner Direct Funeral Services, Inc.

Direct Funeral Services – Approved

“The concept of Direct Funeral Services has changed significantly since it’s introduction in Singapore nearly twenty years ago. I believe the basic idea behind the concept is that people should choose how they wish to pay their respects. With Direct Funeral Services, there is no pressure to choose because everything is done in house. Families can be free to focus on them, not on managing a complicated and stressful funeral or trying to plan a funeral with limited budgets. I also feel that it gives families greater control and flexibility during the life of their loved one. It enables families to plan for funeral activities and services at the time that is most convenient for them.” – Jane Perrin, Singapore Managing Editor, Allure magazine

“I have found Direct Funeral to be an excellent choice for planning my loved ones death. Not only do they provide all the professional service that I would expect, but I can also personalize the program, flowers, casket, memorials, etc. to my liking.” – Karen Powers, Direct Funeral Products Distributor and Marketing Strategist, Success Communications Incorporated

“Direct funeral has changed the way in which we view funerals. No longer do we go to a facility and sit through a standard, boring service. With Direct Funeral we are able to plan the funeral exactly how we want it and we can also tailor the programs and service based on our budget.” – Debra Lewis, Register Assistant, Delray Beach Florida Funeral Homes, Member of the Funerals board, Sunshine Coast, FL. ( Owner of Wrights funerals.)

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