Different ways to use nightstands

Nightstands have been a classic part of bedroom furniture for generations. Having a place to rest, a glass of water, and a reading lamp at night makes a lot of sense. Maybe there’s a great sale at his local furniture store or maybe his aunt gave him a couple of her old furniture. Whether you’re wondering what to do with your extra nightstand or want to think of unusual ways to shake up your decor with nightstands, take a look at these five different uses for bedroom nightstands.

1. As a classic piece

First consider the classic use: as a nightstand! If you’ve never used a nightstand or are thinking you don’t really need one, take a look at the benefits of bedroom nightstands. A bedroom just isn’t the same without that place to keep your alarm clock and lots of reading material. Your nightstand is where you’ll know your glasses are when you wake up. Having a nightstand also reduces clutter around the bed. With shelves and drawers to keep things contained, your bedside necessities won’t be damaged by being stepped on in the middle of the night.

Whether you use a small table and just put a clock and lamp on it or choose one with several drawers and shelves and fill them all up, having a nightstand will reduce clutter in your morning routine. If you have a large bedroom, you may want to have two nightstands to fill the space.

2. As a side table

Bedroom nightstands make great end tables in your living room or family room. At just the right height to reach from the sofa, the nightstands are perfectly disguised as end tables. With small drawers and shelves, a nightstand offers more storage space than the average end table. Although in individual cases it depends on the style of the nightstand and your decorating style, if you feel relaxed with the way you decorate, adding a random nightstand will fit the bill perfectly and give you extra table space.

3. As a seat

If your nightstands are sturdy and the same height, stacking two or three together and topping them with pillows makes for extravagant and unexpected extra seating. This DIY bench is also a great way to make an instant window seat.

4. As a TV shelf

Nightstands make great TV platforms. Place one in your bedroom or in the kitchen on one of those extra nightstands. If the nightstand is big enough, you can pull out the top drawer and place your DVD player in that space. The nightstand’s small size makes it the obvious choice to go with a small TV.

5. As a children’s shelf

Bedroom nightstands are small, so they fit into a baby’s or toddler’s room effortlessly. Put the little board books on the shelves or the special treasures in the drawers. Children will find it easier to access a smaller piece of furniture, so a nightstand is ideal. Your child’s imagination could even turn into a fire department or dollhouse during playtime.

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