Awakening your inner cosmic force

Within each of you there is a power, a Cosmic Force, that has never been fully realized or used by you. It is the identical force or power behind the movement of the world and the pulse of our Universe.

All that manifests is energy and energy is movement. Likewise, everything has to do with everything else and with the Infinite Spirit. We are all part of a great Universal Whole.

This inner power can guide and direct you through all phases, adventures, and challenges of your life. It elevates you to a state where happiness, peace and love are yours.

The Law of Unity, one of the Universal Laws, exists throughout the Universe and also applies to all individuals. By learning and concentrating on this and the other universal laws with great aspiration, you can reach the great expanse of universal knowledge and gain much wisdom and truth.

You may not consciously perceive or be aware of this fact, but your ever-changing emotions and ever-changing thinking continually link you with different and diverse aspects of our Universe. Even if you think you are living and doing what you want, regardless of the things that do not meet your approval, you are automatically and ultimately being propelled into the energies of Law and Order.

You are continually helping or hindering the progress of an intelligent understanding of your place in the Universal Whole.

If you understand the Universal Laws and live within them, you are helping the evolution of the planet. If you ignore the Universal Laws and live carelessly, you are hindering and defeating your own progress and that of others as well.

Because there is nothing that is completely stationary by nature, you live in a constant state of becoming. Everything progresses or regresses. Move forward or backward according to your ability to absorb the experiences and lessons that are being given you.

If you work in harmony with the Universal Laws, you will eventually begin to awaken the Cosmic Force, the Cosmic Consciousness within you. This Cosmic Force, the inner Cosmic Consciousness, can be used as inspiration if you invoke it. However, you must desire it and seek it to be shown to you. It is inexhaustible, always present and without limitations.

This Cosmic Force, this inner Presence that they contain, is like a light. At first, as it unfolds, there will be little glimpses that will be enough to give you an idea of ​​the greatness of the possibilities that await you. From the first experiences of this you will find the courage, enthusiasm and patience to continue the effort for spiritual development.

As you continue to learn and apply the Universal Laws in your life, Cosmic Consciousness begins to manifest even more. This is the beginning of living your life as a soul with the qualities of the soul dominating, rather than the goals, desires and feelings of the personality. You begin to feel a sense of Oneness with the Whole. With this comes the realization of your need and desire to be of service to all that exists.

Some of you might ask: “How can one know with certainty that he is experiencing and living through this Presence, the Cosmic Consciousness from within?” Here are some of the ways you will know:

1} You have evolved into harmlessness in thought, word and action. . . with regard to all living entities and nature of all kinds.

2) You refuse to think negatively about others. You do not judge or criticize anyone.

3) You strictly detach yourself from the personality. . . yours and that of others.

4) Has a greater interest and more ability to help others.

5) You have a greater understanding of all things as they are and are in complete harmony with this.

Don’t be satisfied with where you are now, regardless of your level of consciousness. Always strive to continually live your life through your Cosmic Force from within.

It is only when you stimulate this latent Cosmic Force, the Cosmic Consciousness within you, that your Spiritual Initiations begin. . . and you evolve!

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