Auto Mechanic Curriculum: Preparing for the Job of the Future

While taking driver’s education class in high school, as part of the curriculum, a man insisted that his daughter take a basic auto mechanic class. They fought for weeks for this class. It was unnecessary. It was ridiculous. After all, she was a girl. After many verbal discussions, he took the class and enjoyed it, using his knowledge many times.

Years later, it became clear why the man wanted his daughter to take this class. Someday, his car would break down. The car club could not always come to your aid. Roadside assistance is not always available. Especially when the breakdown occurs in the middle of the desert. A person could wait hours for help. That can be dangerous. It was important to know how to fix the basics on your own.

When she became a mother and her teenage daughter was ready to learn to drive, it was her turn to scramble to take the class. The mother insisted and her daughter relented. As a result, after much discussion, the student really enjoyed it. Since he had no “head” for business, fashion, math, English, or any other subject, it seems the only thing he excelled at was auto repair.

After taking all the basic classes the school had to offer, the student’s instructor suggested a transfer to the local high school that offered full vocational technical programs. The transfer took place, and for the next two years he took a series of classes such as basic adjustments and troubleshooting, tire rotation and balancing, transmission repair, engine repair, fluid transfers for oil and fluid changes. transmission, and air conditioning. , among others. Upon graduation from high school, the student became a licensed auto mechanic.

For this young woman, that was not enough. He wanted to specialize in foreign cars. That required a new set of classes. Thus began his enrollment in voice technology at the local university. Another two years and he got his AS degree in Automotive Mechanics. She was able to fix anything on wheels. However, as in any industry, there is an evolution. New hybrid vehicles are already on the market and the electric car is just around the corner. He continues his education to maintain the high level of experience necessary for the cars of the future.

Auto mechanic classes can help a student with their future. To become a mechanic, one must learn problem-solving skills. Mechanics is a process. This is life. You can’t put gas in a car that doesn’t have an engine. The same goes for life. One step at a time.

For students struggling in school, voice technology classes and auto mechanic classes have historically been extremely challenging. Their chances of success were once different from those of mother and daughter, who took auto mechanics classes and thrived.

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