Health Fitness

Refined White Sugar – White Poison!

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Legal Law

The difference between trade secrets and trademarks

Some people are confused between trade secrets and trademarks. A trademark is something that is publicly recognized and known... Read More

10 fun facts about long-haired cat breeds

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Finding a hotel tonight is easy if you read this first

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Shopping Product Reviews

Apple iPhone price

If there is a phone that came and instantly became a sensation, it is without a doubt the iPhone... Read More

Popcorn at Nutrisystem: Is it Allowed?

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Hardy Palms: The Windmill Palm: Trachycarpus fortunei

Continuing our series on cold hardy palms, we talk about a large group of hardy windmill palms; Trachycarpus fortunei.... Read More

Electricity is human thought

Have you ever passed in front of your television, radio or computer and felt a sense of identity and... Read More
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Watch funny videos online

When you feel bored as hell, there are many things you can do online. One of the best things... Read More