Air Purifiers in Schools and Air Purifier Experts

Air Purifiers in Schools and Air Purifier Experts

Schools and Air Purifier Experts

While many schools do not install air purifiers in their buildings, many still have filters that only remove minimal levels of particulate matter. This is not healthy for young children, as their bodies are not fully developed when exposed to the same levels of air pollution as adults. In addition, many schools use low-quality filters that may not filter out as much ozone as they should. Parents may notice a difference in the smell of the school after school, but they may not realize that the air in their child’s room contains so much airborne dust and particulate matter as it is.

While air cleaner companies have a vested interest in selling their products, few disclose their relationships with schools. In addition, go-between contractors may appear on the records of school boards, but their role in selling the devices and the commissions from the deal are never reported. As for the company behind the Air Purifiers in Schools campaign, ActivePure Technology, which has ties to former Trump adviser Dr. Deborah Birx, is recruiting sales people to push their COVID-killing technology. These people are paid $900 for each unit they sell.

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The researchers analyzed the effects of air purifiers in schools and found that students and teachers were more likely to be comfortable in classrooms when they were using them. They also found that some children responded better to a small amount of outside air than to a bigger, louder classroom. As a result, some schools are experimenting with different solutions. Some are upgrading their HVAC systems and others have purchased bulk air purifiers to make the environment more comfortable.

Air Purifiers in Schools and Air Purifier Experts

In addition to the air purifiers, school officials are using federal funds to purchase them. These devices are made of dry hydrogen peroxide and are unproven. Academic air-quality experts warn against these products. The deals between school boards and contractors are lucrative. The research is also important because the government is bribing schools to install the devices. However, there is evidence that these devices are not a good solution.

There are other benefits of air purifiers in schools. In addition to reducing the level of pollution, they can also be beneficial in hybrid learning. In the classroom, a school may have a mixture of students who study in the morning and those who teach at night. Moreover, they can make the classrooms safer. The school’s environment will be cleaner and healthier. Several studies have also suggested that the use of these devices in schools can reduce the incidence of asthma and other respiratory ailments.

The installation of air purifiers in schools is relatively easy and inexpensive. Most of these air cleaners can be easily installed with the help of a professional. The units can be placed in various places, such as offices, classrooms, and even in bathrooms. Once installed, the filters can be changed. Some schools can even use remote controls to control the settings on the devices. Ultimately, these air purifiers in schools will help prevent the spread of unmittered COVID in the school environment.

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