A Review of Flying Monkey Heavy Hitter Blend

A Review of Flying Monkey Heavy Hitter Blend

Flying Monkey Heavy Hitter Blend

A brand which is known to many, but few actually know for certain is Flying Monkey. For a great time in the sun, different colors of cigarettes were offered as prizes to winning members of the public. Each cigar was then blended by the owner with his or her own personal blend. The result was a cigar which was different every time. Each release was even better than the last and the owner took them to the higher level of offering cigars with different blends.

Flying Monkey Heavy Hitter Blend Disposable

When the company decided to put out its own line of cigars, they knew they wanted to do something different than other companies were doing. They knew that people were always looking for a unique experience and not just getting the same old thing with the same old taste. By putting out a variety of different flavors and even different sizes, Flying Monkey was able to appeal to everyone.

There are a couple of different types of Flying Monkey cigars available, including the Flying Monkey Heavy Hitter. While it has the same blend and different flavors as the regular version, it’s packaged differently. The regular version is in a traditional Connecticut style humidor, while the Heavy Hitter is in a smaller format and made from all Spanish Coro tobacco. There is also a variation of the Flying Monkey Heavy Hitter which is labeled as the Flying Monkey Triple Hitter.

A Review of Flying Monkey Heavy Hitter Blend

The overall quality of the Flying Monkey cigars is hard to surpass. Each cigar offers a full-bodied flavor, but with different accents. Some are smooth and fragrant, while others offer a spicy tang. Some are darker than others and offer a rich smoke with nutty accents. There are even different sizes, so everyone will be happy with a selection from this particular line of cigars. There aren’t very many cigars out there that offer so many different options in flavor, shape, size, and construction.

It’s hard to say which Flying Monkey cigars will stand up to the test of time and which will fade away quickly. It’s easy to get caught up in all of the different packaging and different flavors that the cigar company puts out, but as long as you stick with a company that puts out consistently good cigars, then you’re safe. The Heavy Hitter is a perfect example of a cigar company that offers high quality and great value. Because it uses such high quality tobacco, the flavors don’t fade away quite as fast as some of the other offerings from other companies. There are several different sizes, so there’s a size to meet everyone’s preferences.

When you want to purchase a Flying Monkey Hitter, make sure you check out their online cigar shop. There you can select a size and browse the different cigars offered by this one of the top companies. It makes sense to spend a little bit of money to get a humidor full of cigars that you know you’re going to love every time you smoke it. If you do, your humidor will be one of the best investments you ever make.

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