5 Incredible Uses Of Clothespins For Camping And Outdoors

Foil. Every home has them: they’re inexpensive, readily available, and easy to pack and store along with your gear. They are primarily used for cooking food over a campfire, and many campers bring some for that function when outdoors. But a roll of aluminum foil has many more uses than its primary function, especially for camping!

Here are 5 awesome uses for aluminum foil for camping and outdoors:

Multi-Purpose Kitchen Tool

Heavy-duty aluminum foil is ideal for use in outdoor cooking. Use it to cook foil-packed dinners over your campfire or to wrap up your leftovers. A great property of aluminum foil is that it can be easily molded into anything. If you run out of a bowl or plate to eat or need an extra “pan” to cook over a campfire, you can use aluminum foil! You can even create a makeshift cup, spoon, or larger bowl to collect rainwater.

Wind breaker

Does the wind interfere with the fun of the campfire? Use a wall of aluminum foil to create a windbreak and place it around the fire pit to help break the wind. Not only will it keep your fire pit lit and roaring, it will also help keep you warm when the night is cool as it will help radiate heat back towards you!

bait to fish

Is there a lake nearby where you camp and want to go fishing? If you couldn’t bring a bait, don’t worry: take some aluminum foil, wrap it around the hook of your fishing rod to make an instant and effective fishing lure. Remember, fish are attracted to shiny objects!

to sharpen knives

A piece of crumpled aluminum foil can do many wonders. You can use it to sharpen dull knives or scissors. You can also use it to scrub dirty pots and pans to remove soot or grime that regular dish soap can’t remove. You can also use a ball of aluminum foil to remove rust.

For emergencies

Due to the reflective property of the foil, it is ideal for use as a sign in emergency situations. Simply tie a piece of aluminum foil to a tree branch or anywhere that can be easily seen to locate it from both the air and the ground.

Bring along extra heavy-duty aluminum foil next time you go camping, you never know when it might come in handy! It can save you from a bad situation!

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