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The latest gadget show: smartphone note

The latest gadgets always come with creative inspiration all the time. It is very difficult to catch up with... Read More
Tours Travel

800 cheetahs are on the prowl in Kenya

Cheetahs, along with the African lion and leopards, are some of the “big cats” that live in Kenya. Its... Read More

Suzuki Vitara 1.9-litre DDIS diesel engine review

The Suzuki Vitara became a huge success right after its introduction in 1988. It is a fact that both... Read More
Digital Marketing

The four best antivirus security tools for Android

With the popularity of Android in the market, scammers also made sure to take something from their earned popularity.... Read More

3 types of leaders

“Leadership” seems to be one of those words that is thrown around in a very overused way today. Not... Read More

The Chronicles of Madness – Episode 52

In our 52nd and final episode of Madness Chronicles for 2020, we’ll take a look at the escalating insanity... Read More
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Affiliate Marketing Tips and Keywords for Selling Fitness and Exercise Equipment

As an affiliate marketer, your main job is to sell the products that you are promoting on your website.... Read More
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Google sets the standard for a happy work environment

Google is the place to work according to Fortune magazine, which listed the top 50 companies to work for.... Read More
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Permanent Hair Straightening – Brazilian vs. Yuko vs. Opti-Smooth

Okay, let’s talk straight. For decades, women of African descent around the world have relied on various proven methods... Read More

Puppy Socials: are they necessary or are they a fad?

When the certified dog trainer I hired mentioned an event called the puppy social for Simon, a 12-week-old cockapoo... Read More