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Ethos, Logos and Pathos in a modest proposal by Jonathan Swift

Pathos is what the Irish survive and thrive on, so Swift begins her proposition with that. He presents a... Read More

How to tell if a woman likes you: 3 ways to know if a woman loves you

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Retro Game Review: Berserker Raids

Johann Karlsen stepped onto the bridge of Nogara’s flagship, NIRVANA. “We cannot defeat them. We need another year, at... Read More

Birthday cake and cookies recipe

When I asked Ryann, who will soon be 12, what kind of birthday cake he wanted, he said, “Either... Read More
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Figs and Fags – Wasps and Dykes

The word gay can refer to homosexual men or it can refer to all homosexuals. I prefer the latter,... Read More
How Much Does a Moving Company Cost in Copenhagen?

How Much Does a Moving Company Cost in Copenhagen?

Moving Company Cost in Copenhagen Whether you’re moving to the Capital Region or abroad, there are many factors to... Read More