2 easy steps to grooming your Jack Russell dog’s ears

You should make grooming your dog’s ears part of your Jack Russell’s grooming routine to make sure your terrier’s ears are always clean so they don’t cause your dog any problems. Like humans, your dog’s ear may have a tendency to grow hair and produce wax. This is nature’s way of protecting the inner ear, as hair and wax trap dirt and retain moisture. The other side of the coin is that dirt and moisture can also generate bacteria that can cause infections.

As your Jack Russell’s ears are one of the most important components of his senses and they can also get dirty very easily (as he chases after his prey and sinks to the ground), I recommend that you have him checked every other day. I also recommend that you check them every time you give your dog a bath.

Here are 2 simple steps I use to groom my Jack Russell’s ears and make sure my Jack Russell Terriers’ ears are always healthy and infection free.

1. Examine the ears

Make sure the outer ears look good and there are no rips, scrapes or other patches, etc. Next, check that there is not a large amount of wax. A little wax should be normal. If there is a lot of wax in the ears and if that wax smells bad or looks reddish brown, I suggest you take your terrier to the vet; otherwise, gently wipe off the dirt with a cotton ball.

2. Check for hair in the ears.

The hair in the ears works as a filter. However, because the filter works to prevent dirt from entering the ear, it also traps dirt. Bacteria normally hangs out with dirt and, along with moisture, can easily multiply and cause your dog’s ear to become infected. Clean it carefully with a cotton swab if it is dirty. If there is excess hair on the ears, you may want to trim some of it. To trim the ear hair, pull the ear back over the dog’s head, laying it flat against the skull. This will ensure that the delicate parts of the ear canal are not exposed. However, be careful. You can also ask your vet to help you trim the hair.

Once you have done the above, use a damp cloth to clean the areas around the ears and the ears themselves. The benefits of regular ear grooming is that you will always be aware of the health of your terrier’s ears, and in the event of an unforeseen infection, your Jack Russell will feel more comfortable with a professional dog groomer. or a vet has to examine them.

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