18 Energy Chakras

Hinduism believes that we have two bodies, one physical and the other subtle or energetic. Our physical body is what we see and use on a daily basis. The subtle body or energetic body, as its name indicates, acts as a neuralgic center; the energy part has several vertically distributed points on the body that are believed to control the functions of the part they are attached to. These parts that control our bodily functions are called chakras, and the meeting points of energy and the body are called nadi.

Why are they called chakras and what is the meaning of their name?

Tantric studies, a branch of Hindu studies, believe that the chakras are like wheels, hence the name; chakra literally translating to a circle. These wheels emit energy through their endless rotation. They are placed along the central channel of our body and have radios. You must remember that this is only an understanding of the name, location and purpose of the chakras. First mentioned in the ancient books of the Upanishads, they have been interpreted in many different ways by different schools of thought and different teachers in these schools.

Now let’s take a look at the 18 chakras in our bodies, 7 of them are primary or important and 11 of them are secondary.

1. The Root/Base Chakra –

This dark red and orange chakra is present at the base of the spine and consists of four spokes. Control your raw energy, that is, your animal instincts. It contains kundalini energy, which is a coiled mystical energy house that feeds all the other chakras in the body.

2. The Sex Chakra –

Located just above the sexual organs, this chakra emits energy during sexual intercourse. It has six rays of different colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. If this chakra is misaligned, it can create imbalances in the endocrine system, vitamin C absorption, muscle tension, etc.

3. The Solar Plexus Chakra-

This is placed between the belly button and the bottom of the ribcage. This chakra is one of the most important because it is a sensitive energy point and can be very easily misaligned. This chakra has mostly yellow and some blue, violet and green.

It deals with our worldly problems such as self-esteem, courage, ambition, etc. It is also the emotional center of our body after the heart, so it is affected by lower emotions like anger, irritability, jealousy, etc.

4. The heart chakra-

This is another very important chakra in your body. It is located near the heart, in line with all the other chakras and has 12 golden spokes. The reason for its importance is that all the energy or problems of the body can be intensified in this chakra. Healers dissolve the problem here and send it to the earth through your foot chakras.

5. The Throat Chakra –

Located in the neck with 16 blue spokes, this chakra is very important for communication. It translates all internal emotions and feelings into words so that they can communicate with the world outside of your body.

6. The Ajna Chakra-

Also called the Brow Chakra, it is located between the eyes and consists of 96 dark blue spokes. This chakra gives an estimate of the location of our third eye and can help us understand and listen to our intuition. This is another place in our body from where the soul leaves the body during an astral projection.

7. The Crown Chakra-

Located above our head, this chakra has 960 spokes that are purple in color and is called by healers the most magnificent of all the chakras. It helps us connect with the spiritual world. This is the place from where energy enters all the other chakras in the body.

Now we will list the secondary chakras.

8. The Eighth Chakra –

This is the center of selflessness and divine love. It consists of residual energy from the crown chakra.

9. The Ninth Chakra –

It consists of all the skills and abilities learned by the individual throughout his life.

10. The Tenth Chakra –

It unlocks the abilities contained in the ninth chakra and acts as a meeting point for the masculine and feminine energies of the body.

11. The Eleventh Chakra –

As the Crown Chakra connects us to the spiritual world, the eleventh chakra enhances this connection and increases our learning.

12. The Twelfth Chakra –

This chakra is located slightly above the Crown Chakra and allows the body to strengthen its relationship with the divine. It is through this chakra that one experiences encounters with angels or God.

13. The Thirteenth Chakra –

It helps us let go of our fear that things are not enough for everyone, therefore we must have them for ourselves, and it helps us walk away from it all.

14. The Fourteenth Chakra –

This chakra gives us access to the energy centers of the Earth, the people and things around us.

15. The Fifteenth Chakra –

At this point, we don’t have individual energy reserves but our energy merges with that of others and we start to learn a lot about things bigger than ourselves, for example the evolutionary process.

16. The Sixteenth Chakra –

At this level we are able to bridge the gap between our desires and reality and we can see the energy of all together in the form of mass consciousness.

17. The Seventeenth Chakra –

This chakra makes us feel one with the world around us and helps us fully connect with the divine.

18. The Eighteenth Chakra –

It helps us use our wisdom to serve the One above, or God.

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